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When you think of your air conditioning unit and HVAC system, your mind probably conjures images of your thermostat and vents. While these system features are crucial, they are just a critical endpoint. Even more essential is the infrastructure of your system that includes outdoor units bringing in air and ductwork distributing air throughout your home.

These essential pieces differentiate efficient, healthy systems and dilapidated air conditioning units. One of the most crucial functions of this infrastructure is keeping your air clean, purified, and free of contaminants. That’s why experts recommend UV light installation within ductwork to help eliminate dangerous pathogens and pollutants before the air reaches your home.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards safe, purified air in your La Grange home, ask BVS about UV light installation today. Call (281) 391-1510 to learn how we can use ultraviolet light for air sterilizing for your system.

The Benefits of UV-C Light Air Purifiers

UV-C rays mimic short-wavelength light emitted from the sun that cannot penetrate the Earth’s ozone layer. These powerful rays eliminate airborne flu viruses and other pathogens without damaging human tissue. While UV-C light air purifiers installed in your HVAC system will never interact with human tissue, their unmatched safety provides the most effective solution to eliminating dust, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

When you install UV-C light air purifiers in your HVAC unit, you guarantee the health and high caliber of your indoor air quality and increase your system’s efficiency. Preventing mold with UV-C light helps to increase the productivity of airflow through your system, which lowers your energy cost. Given the benefits of UV-C light, installing them in your system provides multi-layered benefits.
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Installing UV Germicidal Lamps Into Ductwork

While installing UV germicidal lamps into your ductwork might seem like a complete overhaul, it’s as simple as adding some additional infrastructure for the necessary lights. Technicians from BVS can install these lights quickly, instantly upgrading your home’s indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency.

If you’re unsure about installing UV lights into your system, consider adding them to your air handler unit. Since these units are some of the most humid, dark places in an HVAC system, they provide the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to flourish. Installing a UV light in your air handler significantly benefits air quality and system efficiency.

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Maintenance Needs for UV Air Purifiers

While some homeowners worry about the maintenance and upkeep of this additional HVAC infrastructure, maintaining UV air purifiers requires only simple and infrequent work. Keeping UV light systems working is as easy as changing their light bulbs once or twice a year. Regardless of this simplicity, though, HVAC professionals should ideally conduct this routine maintenance.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for UV Light Installation

Some people attempt to save money by installing their own UV light purification systems within their HVAC units. It shouldn’t be too hard if it’s as simple as adding a few light bulbs, right?

Unfortunately, UV light installation is not this simple. Without the proper tools, experience, and understanding of HVAC systems, installing your lights could easily cause bodily harm or damage to your system. Although you might worry about installation costs, this expense will be far less than the cost of performing significant repairs or replacements on your system.

Top Rated UV Light Installation With BVS Home Experts

For more information on UV light installation or any of your HVAC needs, contact BVS. Call (281) 391-1510 to schedule a consultation with our expert technicians in La Grange, TX, and the surrounding areas today.
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