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Your air conditioner has one job: keeping your home or business cool. If it struggles to do that, there may be an issue with your AC unit. While many AC repair technicians will try to sell you on a brand new unit, you might only need a refrigerant leak repair.

Refrigerant is what provides the cooling capabilities of an AC unit. Without it, your AC won’t cool even in one room. That’s why BVS offers refrigerant leak repair services to La Grange, TX, and the surrounding areas.

If your AC has a refrigerant leak, call BVS at (281) 391-1510 to schedule your repair today!

Common Causes of a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks happen for many reasons. Although some situations are out of the owner’s control, regular maintenance can prevent most refrigerant leaks. In addition, early repair of a refrigerant leak will reduce the damage to your system and the need for repairs in the future.

There are many causes of refrigerant leaks, but the following are the most common ones we see:

  • Manufacturer defects
  • Poor installation
  • Damage from heavy vibrations (storms, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Compromised components
  • Problems due to collision (vehicles, lawnmowers, storm debris, etc.)
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Symptoms of an AC Freon Leak

While identifying the cause of an air conditioner leaking Freon can be difficult, finding the leak is reasonably straightforward. Every refrigerant leak will have some common symptoms once they are severe enough. Though every leak will not have the same symptoms, most of them will have a few common ones. Here are some common Freon leak symptoms.

“Water” Puddles Around Unit

If a leak is severe enough, it will leak around the AC unit. Often, these leaks look like puddles of water with an odd sheen, almost like oil. However, this puddle is not water; it is Freon.

Most AC units have a drain line, so water puddles around the unit aren't usual. If you notice one, schedule refrigerant leak repair.

Warm Air Coming from Vents

Warm air from your vents is a typical sign of an AC Freon leak and is usually the first indication of a problem. When this happens, the refrigerant can't properly displace the heat inside your home. Improper displacement means that there isn't enough Freon in the system, or there is another, deeper problem.

Frozen Coils

Frozen coils can be both a cause and a symptom of a refrigerant leak. If your AC unit can't precisely absorb heat, the coils will begin to freeze. Frozen coils are a significant problem, and leaving them will only cause more damage to your system.

Call us immediately to fix the problem if you notice frozen coils on your AC unit.

Inconsistent Cooling

If the Freon leak isn't too bad, it may still blow cool air. However, there will be intermittent cycles where it blows warm air. You likely have a Freon leak if you notice uneven cooling from your unit.

Odd Noises

It's relatively common for an older AC unit to make some sounds when turning on. However, new AC units shouldn't make loud sounds when they turn on, and odd clunking sounds or clicks are not good. Besides refrigerant leaks, these sounds could mean some parts have burned up or worn out completely, most likely a compressor or fan.

High Energy Bills

High energy costs are one of the most common symptoms of refrigerant leaks and other AC issues. If your AC struggles to cool your home, it will work harder and longer. The extended run time will lead to dramatically higher energy bills.

In addition to longer run times, your air conditioner may cycle more throughout the day. An AC unit's highest energy usage comes from the first minute of the cycle because it takes more energy to start the process than to keep it running. More cycles lead to even higher bills.

If you notice higher energy bills without a significant change in energy usage, call BVS. We can help determine the cause and fix the problem before the bills increase any higher.

Do You Need AC Repair for a Freon Leak?

If you have an AC Freon leak, you should fix it as soon as possible. Freon is toxic and can lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches, or throat irritation. In rare cases, people may become deathly ill from Freon poisoning!

Many clients ask, “Does Freon leak when AC is off?” Yes, Freon always leaks; you and your checkbook are never safe from the Freon leak, even when the machine is off. Don’t just ignore the problem until it goes away.

AT BVS, we specialize in repairing refrigerant leaks in La Grange, TX. Our technicians are always available, prompt, and considerate of the time. We believe in providing quality work and customer service.

If you need refrigerant leak repair, call BVS at (281) 391-1510.
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