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Your air conditioning system is one of the most important aspects of your home. It keeps your house cool during Texas’ scorching summer season, allowing you to live comfortably during the hottest parts of the year. However, when your air conditioner breaks down, your residence will resemble a sauna more than a home.

Fortunately, the air conditioning experts at BVS are here to help.

BVS is La Grange, TX’s most trusted air conditioning service company. Our team has vast experience repairing, installing, and maintaining all the leading air conditioner makes and models, qualifying us for all your air conditioning needs.

If you want high-quality air conditioning repair in La Grange, TX, at a fair and affordable price, contact BVS by calling (281) 391-1510!

First Class AC Repair Near Me

Texas’ extreme heat can take a toll on even the best air conditioning units. The severe temperatures and prolonged usage during the summer months put immense stress on AC systems, causing them to break down over time.

At BVS, we understand how troublesome a broken air conditioner is, especially during the hot summer months. That’s why our team won’t hesitate to rush to your home and fix your air conditioner as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We always prioritize your needs and do everything we can to provide swift air conditioning repair without sacrificing quality.
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repair process

Our Repair Process

The BVS team uses an efficient air conditioning repair process to ensure optimal performance. Our repair process is as follows.

Step One: Diagnosis

Upon arrival, an AC repair specialist will examine your air conditioning system to uncover the source of the issue. They will thoroughly analyze the unit and test various components until they diagnose the problem.

Step Two: Repair

Once the technician diagnoses your air conditioner, they will make swift and efficient repairs using the industry's best tools and techniques. We never cut corners with subpar materials, ensuring your AC unit will withstand the tests of time. Our team also utilizes sophisticated repair methods that guarantee you receive top-quality service every time.

Step Three: Testing

After making the necessary repairs, our team will test the unit to ensure everything operates efficiently. We ensure everything from the system’s internal components to the thermostat functions smoothly and provides adequate cooling throughout your home. If we aren’t satisfied with the air conditioner’s performance, we will continue repairing the unit until it meets our high standards.

Step Four: Complete the Process

Finally, we complete the repair process by cleaning the area and ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our services. Our team always treats you and your family with the utmost respect and remains transparent throughout the process. We go the extra mile to provide a smooth and stress-free experience, ensuring all your needs are met before leaving your home.

How to Tell You Need Professional AC Servicing

It isn’t always easy to determine when your air conditioner is on its last leg. However, there are a few telltale signs that will alert you when you need professional AC servicing. Below are a few indications of a faulty or failing air conditioning system.

AC Repair New

One of the most common indications of a broken air conditioning unit is the lack of chilled air. Faulty air conditioners often blow warm air into your home when refrigerant runs low or suffers from a compressor issue. If you don’t address these problems swiftly, your air conditioner will worsen and eventually give out entirely.


A lack of cold air can also stem from a broken return duct. When a return duct breaks, it will pull hot air from your attic or outside and distribute it throughout your home, significantly decreasing indoor comfort.


If you notice your AC unit blowing hot air, contact BVS for immediate service. Our team will rush to your home and repair your air conditioner so you can enjoy comfortable, cool air all summer long.

Uneven air distribution often causes fluctuating indoor temperatures. One room will feel nice and cool while another is hot and unpleasant. Although fluctuating temperatures can stem from several causes, the main culprits include the following:

  • Leaky ductwork
  • Clogged vents or registers
  • Inadequate insulation


No matter the cause, BVS will make the required repairs and improve your home’s air distribution swiftly and efficiently.

Clogged drip pans and drain lines often cause ice to form along the air conditioner’s coils, leading to troublesome pooling around your air conditioner. Airflow issues, excessive debris, and dirty air filters can also generate leaks, significantly decreasing your AC system’s efficiency.

You should contact a professional air conditioning service company as soon as you notice pooling around your AC unit. A specialist will inspect your air conditioner and handle any issues before they spiral out of control.

Although most AC units make slight noises while operating, they shouldn’t be overbearing. Broken air conditioners often make loud and unusual sounds that signify a severe internal issue. Below are a few noises you might encounter when your AC unit isn’t functioning correctly.

Squealing and Screeching

Squealing and screeching often indicate a motor bearing issue or a damaged belt. These components are essential to your air conditioner and require immediate professional attention. Failing to address these issues promptly will cause your AC unit to give out prematurely.

Banging and Clanking

Loud, banging, thumping, and clanking sounds typically indicate a motor assembly or blower issue. These sounds also require professional servicing and can severely deplete your AC’s performance.

Ticking Sounds

Obstructed blower blades typically cause smacking and ticking noises within the AC unit. If you decide to remove the clog yourself, ensure you turn off the air conditioner before servicing the blower. You can also call BVS to clear the clog for you and handle any other problems plaguing your system.


Rattling sounds often stem from loose hardware or a failing motor. You can attempt to tighten the components yourself, but it’s best to leave these issues to a professional AC technician.

Fans help your air conditioner’s compressor stay cool during the hot summer season. Broken or faulty fans often cause the compressor to overheat and shut off prematurely or break down. You must replace the fan as soon as possible to prevent overheating and preserve your air conditioner’s integrity.

An unresponsive air conditioner can signify numerous issues, some more severe than others. Before you contact a professional service for air conditioning repair, check your thermostat’s batteries to ensure they are still functioning. If the problem continues after you check or replace your thermostat’s batteries, examine your circuit breaker for tripped breakers.


If your air conditioner still refuses to turn on after performing these troubleshooting techniques, contact an AC technician for immediate repairs.


No matter your air conditioning issues, BVS can help identify the problem and make your unit function better than ever at a fair and affordable price. We will handle all your air conditioning repair needs and provide expert advice on preventing potential problems before they take hold.

FAQ's Regarding Air Conditioning Repair

The BVS team receives numerous questions about air conditioning repair and our heating and cooling services. Below are a few of the most common questions we receive while serving our marvelous La Grange, TX community.

 Air conditioners freeze for two primary reasons:


  1. Absence of refrigerant
  2. Lack of airflow to the evaporator coils


The best way to prevent a frozen air conditioner is to keep up with your unit’s refrigerant levels. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system and plays an essential role in the cooling process. Always contact a professional AC technician whenever your air conditioner’s refrigerant runs low to ensure optimal performance.


Keeping your thermostat above 70 degrees will also diminish AC freezing. Cooler indoor temperatures require your system to work harder to chill your home. Setting the thermostat to 70 degrees or higher will reduce unit stress and prevent frozen coils.

Most air conditioning units require a fresh filter every month. Air filters often become dirty and clogged over time and can deplete your AC system’s efficiency, lifespan, and more. Changing the air filter monthly will ensure your air conditioner remains in tip-top shape year-round.

Like most things, air conditioning units don’t last forever. Most models last between ten and 15 years before giving out entirely. Below are a few factors that will help you decide when to replace your AC system:


  • Age
  • Energy cost
  • Indoor air quality
  • Malfunction frequency


If your air conditioner is ten years old or older and requires frequent repairs or doesn’t cool your home adequately, you may want to consider replacing the unit.

The best way to increase your air conditioning system’s lifespan is to keep up with its routine maintenance schedule. Regular AC servicing will prevent potential issues and ensure everything operates according to industry standards. A professional technician will help you maintain your air conditioner and make slight tweaks and adjustments to improve its overall well-being.


Changing your AC’s air filter will also improve its longevity and your home's indoor air quality. Try replacing the filter with a high-quality brand every month to keep your unit pristine for years to come.

Air conditioners can withstand harsh weather conditions and environments better than most other residential fixtures, so we don’t advise covering them in any season. Covering your AC system during the winter can cause its internal components to rust and corrode, leading to several issues that often require more than a pretty penny to repair. It’s best to leave air conditioners alone until Spring temperatures arrive.


However, you can provide shade for your air conditioner as long as the shade cloth is at least five feet above your unit. The shade cloth will also prevent falling leaves and debris from entering your air conditioner, diminishing troublesome clogs and blockages.

Contact BVS for First-class Air Conditioning Repair in La Grange, TX

BVS is your source for professional air conditioning repair, replacement, and maintenance services in the greater La Grange, TX, area. Our team will help you get the most out of your air conditioner so you can beat the heat all summer long. If you want your air conditioner to reach its full potential without paying an arm and a leg for inferior AC service, contact BVS for all your air conditioning needs.

Your search for “AC repair near me” ends here. Give BVS a call at (281) 391-1510 and see what our air conditioning experts can do for you today!
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