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Heat pumps are fantastic inventions in the field of heating and cooling. These highly-efficient systems are excellent at providing comfortable temperatures in homes, eliminating the need for a traditional heater, air conditioner, or furnace. While highly beneficial, heat pumps require some maintenance to keep running.

If yours needs servicing, call BVS at (281) 391-1510 for heat pump repair. Leaving a faulty heat pump without repair will cause more damage over time and may result in needing to replace the unit. Whole unit replacements are costly, time-consuming, and can require long wait times for manufacturers to deliver the unit.

Our Heat Pump Repair Service

BVS is a cut above competing heat pump repair companies. We have NATE-certified and licensed installers and repair technicians with decades of experience. We always prioritize customer care and work to improve your experience with the HVAC industry.

In addition, we offer 24/7 heat pump system repair, so our techs are always available for repairs, no matter the time or season. Our technicians strive to diagnose problems quickly and fix heat pumps within a day. They will never leave you without adequate heating or cooling.

If you’re looking for a company in Jersey Village, TX, that will care for you like family, look no further than BVS.

Heat Pump Repair
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malfunction symptoms

Common Malfunction Symptoms That Heat Pump Repair Companies See

One of our most common FAQ’s is, “How do I know my heat pump needs repair?” To answer that question, we’ll explain some typical indications that you need heat pump repair.

Temperature Control Issues

One of the most common reasons for heat pump repair is uneven cooling or heating. Uneven cooling means that during the summer, your home isn't as cool as you would like, or your home is too chilly in the winter. No, you're not just being picky; you likely have a problem with your heat pump.

Often, this means that the refrigerant lines have a leak, or you have something like a blocked blower, dirty filter, faulty thermostat, or filthy burner. A dirty filter is the most likely cause, as some people forget to change their filters, leaving them to gather debris for months. However, any of these issues could cause serious harm to your heat pump system.

Odd Sounds

Once the technician diagnoses your air conditioner, they will make swift and efficient repairs using the industry's best tools and techniques. We never cut corners with subpar materials, ensuring your AC unit will withstand the tests of time. Our team also utilizes sophisticated repair methods that guarantee you receive top-quality service every time.

Step Three: Testing

Unusual sounds coming from your heat pump mean that it could use a repair. While the problem might not be serious, leaving things rattling around for too long could worsen the issue. You should repair it as soon as possible to prevent any damage.

Some sounds are normal for heat pumps. For example, properly operating heat pumps occasionally click when turning on and gently hum while running. You should also hear a click as the thermostat disables the unit when the cycle finishes.

However, anything other than those sounds warrants an inspection by a licensed HVAC and heat pump repair company.

Unnaturally Short Cycles

Another major precursor to heat pump repair is short cycling. When a heat pump only runs for about five minutes, instead of the regular ten to 15 minutes, it is short-cycling. Short cycles happen for many reasons, including:

Low airflow: If the machine doesn't receive regular servicing or the filter isn't changed regularly, it could cause low airflow. Poor airflow causes short cycles.

Thermostat problems: If your thermostat has a faulty sensor, it could cause your system to short cycle.

Faulty blower motor: Like any other part of an AC unit, the blower motor can wear out. A worn blower motor may only run for short cycles.

Refrigerant leaks: If you have a Freon leak, your system will short cycle to keep from overheating.

Iced-Up Pumps

A heat pump may freeze during wintertime when it has a refrigerant leak. Because of the natural heat of the unit, heat pumps should never freeze up. When the coils freeze, the system cannot correctly dispense heat. If you notice frost on your heat pump unit, call us immediately so we can fix the issue before the problem escalates into something worse.

High Energy Bills

Your energy bills should be consistent if you don't experience extreme temperatures. If you notice that the bills have gone up, but the temperatures haven't, you might need a home heat pump repair. Any problem with the unit's efficiency means it's time for a service.

Heat Pump Repair Near Me | BVS Home Experts

If you’re looking for “expert heat pump repair near me,” BVS is your answer. We base our business on our “rest-easy pledge,” so we promise to be at your door within an hour and have your heat pump running by the same time tomorrow! Our technicians are always friendly and reliable and can answer any questions you may have.

Call BVS at (281) 391-1510 to schedule heat pump repair service with the most reliable company in Jersey Village, TX.
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