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can you run an air conditioner without a filter

Can You Run an Air Conditioner Without a Filter?

Ready to learn new ways to improve your air conditioner operation? Contact BVS Home Experts for answers! As you relax on the couch after a …

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do you need a furnace with a heat pump

Do You Need a Furnace with a Heat Pump?

As a homeowner, you might wonder about heat pump systems and whether you should consider one, especially if your current HVAC system has issues. However, …

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when should an ac unit be replaced

When Should an AC Unit Be Replaced: Making the Right Choices

If your air conditioner can’t cool your home, BVS can help. Call (281) 809-6417 to see what our services can do for you. Have you …

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what are the different types of heat pumps

What Are the Different Types of Heat Pumps?

Looking for reliable heat pump and HVAC services? Call our BVS Home Experts team today! Heat pumps are perfect for people looking for energy-efficient cooling …

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inverter hvac

Understanding Inverter HVAC Systems: A Quick Guide

We’re all trying to save money anywhere we can these days, especially when it comes to energy use. Your heating and cooling system can increase …

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heat pump life expectancy

All About Heat Pump Life Expectancy: How Long Should It Last?

Are you worried your heat pump is nearing the end of its life? BVS Home Experts can install a new one when you call (281) …

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can an air conditioner overheat

Can an Air Conditioner Overheat?

When you need home experts in cooling, heating, and indoor air quality, you need BVS! Call today to chat with our professionals in Katy, Texas. …

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can you plug an air conditioner into a power strip

Can You Plug an Air Conditioner Into a Power Strip?

You rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool during the hottest days of the year, but running your system can take a toll …

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why is my heat pump freezing up in summer

Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing up in the Summer?

Are you having problems with your heat pump? BVS can help when you call (281) 391-1510. Have you noticed the unusual phenomenon of your heat …

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uneven cooling in house

What Causes Uneven Cooling in the House?

Is uneven cooling in your house turning your summer into a bummer? BVS Home Experts can diagnose the issue at 281-391-1510. Your central air conditioning …

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improper hvac installation

Beware of These Nine Signs of Improper HVAC Installation

Steer clear of faulty installations. Call 281-391-1510 to schedule a free estimate with BVS Home Experts.  If you installed your HVAC system within the past …

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