How to Prepare your HVAC for the Winter – Dec1
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How to Prepare Your HVAC for the Winter

Winter is approaching quickly and as the temperature drops, your heater will be a lifeline from the cold. As you scurry inside, you rely on the heat to quickly warm you up. Here are some tips to prepare your heating system for colder weather. Change…
Air Quality Nov18
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Indoor Air Quality Tips

It is cooling down here in Texas, and soon people might be spending more time indoors with family this holiday season. With those extra hours inside, you want to make sure you have good indoor air quality. Poor air quality can lead to allergies…

Is your HVAC unit energy efficient?

We are coming to the end of summer here in Texas and your HVAC unit (and your wallet) may have taken a hit from all its hard work. You may be wondering, is my HVAC really running as its best, most energy-efficient self? Here are some ways you…

Why Changing your Air Filter is so Important

You have probably heard it a million times from HVAC companies, but it is recommended you change your air filter every 1-2 months. You may think, “my AC works fine, why would I need to do that?”. Below are some reasons why it is important…

5 Tips to Minimize Strain on your HVAC System During the Summer

It is a constant fight with the thermostat, figuring out how to keep your air at a comfortable yet affordable temperature.  Not only does summer bring a surge in energy cost, but it can also cause a higher risk of problems and even full breakdowns.…