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what happens if furnace exhaust is blocked

What Happens if Furnace Exhaust Is Blocked?

When winter comes around and puts a chill in the air, homeowners all across the country turn to their heating systems for comfort. Most homes …

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how long should my hvac fan run per hour

How Long Should My HVAC Fan Run Per Hour?

Many homeowners run their HVAC fans continuously, but some stop and wonder if it does more harm than good. This leads to many asking, “How …

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hvac leak sealer

HVAC Leak Sealer: Is It Effective?

When you have an issue with your HVAC system, you need our knowledgeable technicians to find a solution. Call BVS Home Experts today at (281) …

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why is my furnace filter black

Why Is My Furnace Filter Black?

Is it time to have your furnace checked by professionals? At BVS Home Experts, we’re always ready to tackle your furnace repairs. Call us at …

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how long should an hvac system last

How Long Should an HVAC System Last?

Are you taking steps to prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan? At BVS Home Experts, we can help! Call us at (281) 609-3650 for a routine …

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merv air filter rating

What Is A MERV Air Filter Rating and Why is It Important?

Maybe it’s time to replace your furnace’s air filter. If so, as you search for the right filter, you’ll likely see a MERV rating. The …

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furnace pilot light

What to Do When Furnace Pilot Light Goes Out?

Having issues with your furnace pilot light? Call (281) 916-8699 for furnace service by BVS, Katy’s trusted heating and AC service company. When your furnace …

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heating problem

Six Heating Problems That Can Occur in the Fall

When the cold season begins approaching, homeowners all over the Katy, TX, area switch on their heaters to combat the unpredictable cold fronts and frigid …

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AC Installation in Sugar Land, TX

DIY Hvac Replacement: Why It Should Not Be Considered

Many homeowners pursue DIY projects to save money or test their skills. While DIY projects can cut down on bills tremendously while giving you something …

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why does my furnace make a knocking sound

Why Does My Furnace Make a Knocking Sound?

Are you having problems with your furnace? Katy, TX, residents can call BVS today at (281) 609-3650!  As homeowners, it’s only natural to sound the …

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how to size an hvac system

How To Size an HVAC System: What Do Pros Do?

Do you know how to size an HVAC system? Is this an important skill for you to master before agreeing to install a specific-sized heating …

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