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Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Service Company in Katy, TX

AC, Plumbing, Heating & Electrician Service in the West Houston Area

BVS is a family-owned and operated HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company that has been serving the Katy and West Houston areas since 1981. We pride ourselves on fast, friendly service—and our knowledgeable technicians can help you with just about any home maintenance or repair issue you have!

Keep reading to learn more about our air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical services or call us today!

Air Conditioning Services in Katy, TX

Our air conditioning services in Katy include:

Whether you need 24-hour AC repair or a complete air conditioner replacement, BVS is always here for you. 

Heating Services in Katy, TX

Our heating services in Katy and the surrounding cities include:

Give us a call at 281-391-1510 today for expert heating services!

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Katy Plumbers

To keep it short and sweet, we do it all. Our plumbing repair and installation services include:

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Katy Electricians

If you have any of the following electrical problems, you should call for a local Katy electrician from BVS:

  • Malfunctioning outlets
  • Lights that won’t turn on or light switches that shock you
  • Any sparking from lights or outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Circuit breakers that constantly trip
  • Switches and outlets that get warmer than usual
  • Any other electrical irregularities that cause you concern

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24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning, Plumbing &
Electrical Repair in Katy, TX

A broken-down air conditioning system, wiring problems, and burst pipes can all be extremely frustrating—especially when you have to wait 12 hours for the next appointment with your home repair company. Luckily, BVS is available 24/7 to deal with whatever problems arise! Our expert AC technicians, plumbers, and electricians are on call and ready to help no matter the day or time. If you need emergency repair services for your air conditioning, plumbing, or electrical system in the Katy area, don’t wait—call BVS now at 281-391-1510!

What Constitutes an AC Repair Emergency?

At BVS, we’re always available for 24-hour emergency AC repair in addition to helping with plumbing and electrical emergencies. But when a problem arises after hours, you may find yourself wondering whether your situation is truly an emergency or if it can wait until the morning. Here are some useful guidelines:

  • Air conditioning emergencies: You may need emergency AC repair in a few situations. If there’s simply no air coming out of your vents, your blower motor or thermostat may be to blame or your cooling system may have just broken down entirely. In addition to total breakdowns, if you hear loud screeching (broken compressor or fan belt) or rattling (loose components in the unit), you’ll want to call and describe your problem to one of our technicians. Finally, if your AC unit smells like it’s burning, you could be dealing with a serious electrical issue that needs immediate attention. Our HVAC and electrical technicians can help!
  • Plumbing emergencies: These are usually pretty easy to spot. While a clogged toilet or sink isn’t necessarily an emergency, a burst pipe or fast-leaking water heater probably is. If the situation is going to cause water damage to your property the longer it’s left unrepaired, call our Katy plumbers immediately.
  • Emergency electrical problems: While not as common, electrical emergencies do happen from time to time. If you find wires that are burning or smoke coming from an electrical device, you should call a local Katy electrician immediately. Furthermore, if your breaker panel is hot or has flickering lights, get help fast.

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Keeping Homes Comfortable In Our Community

Stress-Free HVAC System Maintenance

It's easy to forget about your home heating and cooling systems... until there's a problem. With BVS's Healthy House Maintenance Program and bi-annual service visits, we take the stress out of maintaining your systems.


Save With Solar-Powered Systems

With the right solar HVAC system for your home, you’re saving the environment and saving significantly on your electric bill. We’re the solar AC experts in the Katy, Sealy, Sugar Land, and Richmond communities.

Meet Our Technicians

BVS technicians are members of your community, and they go the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable. Not only do we want to make sure your HVAC problems are solved quickly, but we want to be the people you count on for years to come.

I’ve had the pleasure of using BVS for all of my air conditioning and heating needs for the past seven years, and I can’t thank them enough for their service. Whenever I’ve had an issue, no matter how big or small, they’ve been quick to fix my problem and make sure I was comfortable from start to finish.

Donna Jackson from Katy, TX 1
Our Reviews

“HVAC Maintenance on a 13 year old system. During this trip we checked the entire system to get it running in tip-top share for summer. we asked the customer to keep an eye on her electric bills and let them know it might be time to replace in the next couple of years.”

Gary W. – Katy, TX

“Annual air conditioner tune-up on 4 year old Amana system. Cleared drains and checked entire system to make sure it is running in top condition. A/C is ready for the rest of summer.”

Carlos C. – Katy, TX

“Mazdak is very thorough and does a great job. He is a true professional and hardworking and very pleasant.”

Carol – Katy, TX

“Brad went over and beyond. He helpf me get the water out of the water softener which was about to overflow. He told me about Giaccomo who will be out to fix it today.”

Shirley – Katy, TX

“I’ve had the pleasure of using BVS for all of my air conditioning and heating needs for the past seven years, and I can’t thank them enough for their service. Whenever I’ve had an issue, no matter how big or small, they’ve been quick to fix my problem and make sure I was comfortable from start to finish.”

Donna Jackson from Katy, TX 1
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