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Do I Need to Replace My Furnace with AC at the Same Time?

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You probably love having a reliable source of heating and cooling for your Katy, TX home. That’s why few HVAC emergencies are as frustrating as a bad furnace or air conditioner. You might be so upset that you’re suddenly asking, “Do I need to replace a furnace with AC?”

While replacing your furnace and air conditioner simultaneously is a great idea, it’s only best for certain circumstances. That’s why BVS Home Experts, the best professionals for trusted furnace installation in Katy, TX, put this guide together to help you understand whether this decision is right for you.

How Do Furnaces and AC Units Work Together?

Understanding how furnaces and air conditioners operate is important before asking, “Do I need to replace a furnace with AC?” 

Your furnace and air conditioner utilize motorized fans to distribute air into a complex, fascinating ductwork system. Moreover, you can control these appliances using programmable thermostats, regulating their temperature based on your preferred settings. If you own one central thermostat, you can even handle both at the same time!

This unique, complementary relationship makes furnaces and air conditioners a match made in heaven. After all, what’s better than being able to keep your beloved home’s temperature nice and steady?

Energy Efficiency

If you own an older furnace or air conditioner, you should know they’re terribly energy-efficient. They use significantly more power than more modern alternatives, which drives your utility bills through the roof. However, you can replace both these units to improve energy efficiency and lower costs.

You should try installing an air conditioner and furnace that both have SEER ratings above 16, as they’ll get you incredible results when it comes to energy efficiency. In addition, take a look at your furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating.

The higher your AFUE rating, the more efficient your home’s furnace is. For instance, a furnace with an AFUE rating of 75% successfully uses 75% of its energy supply, while 25% gets lost in your duct system or piping.

So if you’d love to have appliances that will work for many years to come, optimize your furnaces and boilers for energy efficiency. 

Air Quality

When asking, “Do I need to replace a furnace with AC?” you might not be thinking about how having the right furnace and air conditioner can better your health. However, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners can improve your home’s air quality. So if you’d like to deal with those nasty allergies or breathing issues once and for all, you ought to try upgrading your HVAC system.

You’re also going to love having fresh, clean air to breathe throughout your home. Unlike older furnaces and air conditioners that produce nasty, musty air, modern appliances can provide refreshing, pristine air. They’re utterly amazing for dealing with nasty allergies or respiratory problems.

Unit Size

You must have the right size air conditioner and furnace for your home, as the wrong size unit can cause a host of problems. For example, units that are too small or too large can experience wear and tear, degrading their functioning over time until they give out completely. While air conditioners and furnaces have average lifespans over ten years, overuse can cut that in half or even more!

If you take the time to replace your poorly-sized furnaces and air conditioners, you can prevent future problems from occurring in the first place! Even better, you’ll save tons of money on utility bills and avoid expensive repairs you’d otherwise have to complete.

Temperature Control

Sometimes, the wrong furnace and air conditioner combination can make controlling your home’s temperature next to impossible. You might struggle to keep your home at a consistent temperature, or it might not even respond to your input. These control issues usually happen when one unit’s a lot older than the other.

In any case, try replacing your home’s air conditioner and furnace. In addition, look for models that come with modern, programmable, and central thermostats, so you can tailor both of your units at the same time. 


Finally, upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system in its entirety can transform your living standards overnight. Older furnaces and air conditioners often struggle to produce a consistent, reliable supply of air, making your life less than comfortable. If you struggle with clammy, hot air, you’ll definitely want to consider upgrading your home’s air conditioner and furnace.

Will I Save Money Replacing an AC Unit and Furnace at the Same Time?

Many homeowners aren’t sure if they’ll save money by installing an AC unit and a furnace at the same time. However, many manufacturers and HVAC installation services alike offer what’s known as prorated pricing for combined unit installation jobs. This plan means that, usually, you can expect your labor costs to be about half what it would cost to install both units at the same time.

Furnace-air conditioning installation projects cost between $6,000 and $10,000. Usually, your home’s size, as well as the type of appliances you choose, impact these costs. By installing modern HVAC appliances, you’ll lower your home’s utility bills and avoid incurring future repair costs. If you have questions about the benefits of installing both units simultaneously, ask an expert. 

HVAC professionals have the experience and know-how needed to help you decide whether or not replacing both your AC system and furnace at the same time makes sense. 

Katy’s Furnace and AC Experts

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Whether you’re asking, “How much power does a furnace use?” or “Do I need to replace my furnace with AC?” we can help. Call our BVS Home Experts team at (281) 391-1510 to schedule your appointment today and learn more. 

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