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Hybrid HVAC System: How Does It Work?

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Shopping for a new HVAC system can overwhelm homeowners with so many choices. Which model should you choose? Why not go with a hybrid HVAC system, an excellent option for anyone who prioritizes comfort?

As Katy’s top-rated heating and air conditioning experts, BVS Home Experts knows how these cutting-edge systems can improve your home. Learn more about whether hybrids are a good choice for you below.

What Is a Hybrid HVAC System?

Also known as dual-fuel systems, hybrid systems draw from two energy sources during operation: heat pumps and furnaces. 

  • The heat pump assists with cooling your home when temperatures climb. It can also increase temperatures during mildly cool weather.
  • The furnace provides the main heating source when temperatures dip dramatically. It uses fossil fuels to supply more intense heating capabilities. 

With these two components each playing their role, this innovative hybrid system ensures your complete comfort throughout the year.

How Does This System Work?

The heat pump works as your main source of temperature control. It draws heat from natural sources, like outdoor air, underground heat, or water. It then transfers that heat into your home when you need to stay cozy.

Cooling works the same way, with the heat pump drawing heat from inside your house before transferring it outdoors. Once your indoor atmosphere reaches the desired temperature, it stops cycling until the temperature climbs again. 

But if the heat pump will heat and cool your home this way, why would you need the furnace?

The only downside to a heat pump on its own is that extremely low temperatures affect its ability to supply heat efficiently. When temperatures dip into the 30s, there is no heat to transfer. In this case, the furnace will assist the heat pump in achieving optimal temperatures for a nifty dual system that will still improve a home’s energy efficiency in Katy, TX. 

How Hybrid Systems Save Money

Cost savings are among the main reasons that homeowners will consider a hybrid HVAC system. If you want to save on your monthly energy expenditures and more, a new hybrid system can help.

Energy Efficiency

Hybrid systems are energy efficient. In Katy, TX, the winter temperatures rarely dip low enough to need the furnace, but it is possible. So, you’ll mostly rely on the heat pump’s capabilities and only use the furnace on rare occasions.

Not only does this reduction in fossil fuel use reduce your carbon footprint, but it also decreases your monthly utility bills. Like central air conditioners, heat pumps use electricity to cool your home, though not as much as most air conditioning units. With the heat pump providing most central HVAC functions, you’ll cut costs on electricity and gas bills throughout the year.

Increases Property Value

If you install a hybrid system, you supply your home with cutting-edge HVAC technology. New appliances almost always increase your home’s property value in the eyes of potential buyers. If you want to sell faster or attract higher offers, install a new system.

Other Perks of a New System

All new appliances work flawlessly when professionally installed, lowering repair costs and frequency. You can also access other perks, including the following:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • Lower utility costs due to a new system and more

With proper maintenance, hybrid systems will last up to 25 years for years of reliable comfort. 

How Hybrid Systems Increase Comfort

If the financial perks don’t convince you, the comfort capabilities will. This new technology provides unmatched convenience and comfort year-round. Once you install it, you may even wonder how you survived before.


A dual-fuel system is incredibly adaptable. You can select temperature presets for heating and cooling on your thermostat. The system can easily match those presets without any extra effort.

For example, many homeowners struggle to manage temperature changes in late winter and early spring. A hybrid HVAC system relieves you of the duty, switching from heating to cooling as needed.


Although the heat pump remains the focal point, the furnace is also important in your decision. A hybrid system won’t struggle to meet heating preferences in the event of a cold snap because the furnace will take over where the heat pump might struggle.

Total system failure is also unlikely. You can still be comfortable if the heat pump fails, as the furnace will take over as long as it has the fuel it needs. Similarly, the heat pump will manage heating if your furnace stops working.

This convenient backup eliminates the danger of frozen pipes during freezing weather. It also protects your family and pets until you can arrange repair services. 

Fewer Fluctuations

The final benefit is that a heat pump heats and cools your home more evenly than other systems. If you struggled with hot or cold spots previously, you won’t have those issues anymore.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Systems

Although hybrid systems offer more pros than cons, understanding how a system may fall short of your expectations helps you make an informed decision. So, consider the following:

Upfront Installation Costs

A new hybrid system often comes with a steep price tag. Fortunately, the system offsets the initial costs with decreased energy bills. Plus, many providers offer payment plans. 


Maintenance tasks and services should address both the heat pump and furnace systems. You must ensure that each system receives the attention needed to maintain optimal performance. Proper maintenance also extends its lifespan and protects your investment. 

Fossil Fuels

Do you want to completely eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels? You may want to shop for other options. Although you’ll primarily rely on the heat pump, circumstances may require assistance from the furnace. 

Explore Hybrid Options with BVS Home Experts

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