How Long Should My HVAC Fan Run Per Hour?

Many homeowners run their HVAC fans continuously, but some stop and wonder if it does more harm than good. This leads to many asking, “How long should my HVAC fan run per hour?” Typically, running your fan often is beneficial and recommended, but there are some cases where it isn’t.

You can experience better circulation and improved indoor air quality by running your fan often. If you’re looking to learn more about your furnace or HVAC system or need furnace services, contact the best HVAC company in Richmond, TX, BVS Home Experts. Call us at (281) 628-2360!

HVAC Fan for Circulation of Air in the Home

Knowing whether running your HVAC fan often is beneficial begins with the consideration of several factors. For example, if you frequently experience extreme weather conditions or have a newer home with intake systems, running the fan often might not be necessary. Consider these factors to determine whether you should run your fan more or less.

  1. Home: The way air circulates throughout your home may depend on its layout or the type of home you have. Homes with multiple stories can experience more even temperatures with the HVAC fan running. A furnace fan pulls cold and warm air from their respective directions, combines them, and creates an uneven, comfortable temperature throughout the residence.
  2. Occupants: Are you unable to keep windows open in your home because of someone’s health or sensitivity? If the windows in your house are always closed, your property can benefit from using a fan during average temperatures and conditions.
  3. HVAC system’s age: Newer HVAC systems often have better technology and advanced intake systems through the ductwork that mix inside and outside air. However, you need to heat or cool the air to make your home comfortable, so running the HVAC fan often with a newer system can create increased work. When it is too hot or cold, it can complicate things.
  4. Outdoor temperatures: Milder outdoor temperatures are the best time to run your furnace fan often. Since the temperature is not reaching one extreme or the other, your air conditioner or heater is not turning on to combat the conditions. Therefore, furnace fans are excellent for better airflow and temperature control.

Running the Fan with Moderate Temperatures

If you wonder, “How long should my HVAC fan run per hour?” then the answer is between  ten to 20 minutes for two or three cycles. This works best when your home has a mild outdoor temperature. When temperatures shift strongly towards 0 or 90 degrees (heating or cooling), you will need to run the fan longer.

Benefits of Running Your HVAC Fan

Your blower motor circulates air through the furnace and can provide uniform temperatures. Many people leave their HVAC fan on all day, while others opt for two to three cycles per hour, ranging from ten to 25 minutes, depending on how close to heating or cooling temperatures they are. Some advantages of keeping your fan on include the following:

  • Since your furnace fan mixes all the air in your home, frequent operation can prevent prominent hot and cold spots.
  • Air passing through your HVAC fan also runs through the furnace filter. As a result, you’re receiving cleaner, filtered air throughout all areas of the home and experiencing safer indoor air quality. If you have a UV light, too, the air will be even better. 
  • Some of the newer Energy Star furnaces are often equipped with constantly-running fan motors. The fan uses less energy than your heating or cooling systems and ends up costing you less money to run this often. You’ll save money and have even temperatures.
  • Running the HVAC fan can improve its lifespan because it is meant to run often. While some homeowners fear using it too much can cause heavy wear, it is actually best to turn on the motor and keep it on. However, before running the fan often, make sure your system has properly sealed ductwork and the installation is professional.

If you’re not satisfied with your HVAC system and feel you’re not getting the most out of it, contact our professionals at BVS Home Experts.

When Should You Not Run Your Fan Frequently

As we noted before, running your HVAC fan often is almost always a good thing. However, there are two prominent circumstances where you should reconsider keeping it on. If you’re still uncertain, contact our team for a quick and easy inspection of your current HVAC system.

  • If your home was built in 2015 or earlier, you might have poor-quality or leaking ductwork. Ductwork with leaks can distribute dirty air from areas like crawl spaces or stagnant spots in the attic and create worse indoor air quality conditions. Fortunately, our team at BVS Home Experts in Katy, TX, can inspect your current ductwork and fix any issues for an airtight, secure finish, so call us today!
  • When you’re dealing with extremely hot weather in the summer, air temperatures can reach over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. With conditions this intense, running the fan often can take that hot air from the attic to your living areas. You might experience uncomfortably hot temperatures by running your fan, so consider turning it off when temperatures are this bad.

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Now that we’ve answered, “How long should my HVAC fan run per hour?” we hope you will consider us to resolve any of your other HVAC concerns or inquiries. If you need furnace, air conditioning, heat pump, or air duct services, our team is here to help in Texas. Call our team at BVS Home Experts at (281) 628-2360.

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