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HVAC Efficiency Tips

For a homeowner in Katy, keeping comfort levels high and energy costs low is of prime importance. While most modern HVAC systems are fairly good at offering a balance of performance and cost-effectiveness, you may want to take some additional steps in order to maximize your savings and the overall quality of life in your home. Here some some quick, simple tips on how to optimize HVAC efficiency from the service professionals at BVS Home Experts.

Use These Steps to Boost Home Comfort & HVAC Efficiency

The majority of HVAC efficiency tips could be summarized as “use less power,” but there’s a distinct problem with this—Texas summers are hot! The ideal tips are the ones that help you to reduce costs while also providing an alternative solution in order to keep comfort reasonable. Here are some of our favorite tips for increasing HVAC efficiency:

  • Keep your HVAC system clean. Dust and other common home pollutants tend to collect in massive quantities within your ducts and HVAC system. Over time, this gunk will cake up and restrict airflow, which means your cooling system has to work much harder to maintain comfort levels. This can lead to a massive increase in energy consumption, which means higher energy costs. Be sure to keep your vents clean and, more importantly, change your air filter frequently!
  • Take advantage of the comfort ceiling fans can offer. If you’ve ever felt a welcome summer breeze while outdoors, then you understand how valuable a ceiling fan can be. Ceiling fans do not generate cooler air, but they do create a wind chill effect, which can make you feel much cooler. This means you can set your thermostat higher while staying comfortable, which can mean substantial energy savings.
  • Avoid excessive direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is great for boosting mood and mental health, but it also can warm up rooms by four to five degrees. Try to limit how much direct sunlight gets into your home in the summer, and in the winter, you can actually harness this source of heat in order to save on heating costs.
  • Maintain consistency with your thermostat. For every extra degree your HVAC system has to heat or cool, the unit will eat up approximately 8 to 10 percent more power. This means a home thermostat that is set to 68 in the summer, for example, will require up to 40 percent more energy than one set to 72!

For the Highest Efficiency Ratings, Schedule Maintenance!

Professional HVAC maintenance serves to keep your heating and cooling equipment clean, calibrated, and working at its best. By scheduling annual service for each of your systems—or semi-annual service for your heat pump—you can save tons in energy costs. Plus, you’ll save on repair and replacement costs, as routine maintenance drastically reduces the risks of a mid-season breakdown.

Connect with BVS for Superior HVAC Maintenance in Katy, TX

Whether you’re looking for a local HVAC company that offers comprehensive routine maintenance or you’re ready to take advantage of a new, high-efficiency HVAC system, BVS is the company you can trust for superior AC service. We focus on what works best for you and your comfort needs, so don’t hesitate to call or connect with us online to learn more!

Contact us online to schedule HVAC maintenance or to find out about how a programmable thermostat can save you even more!

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Ronald Via

Ronald is one of the key contributors to BVS Home Experts, a family-owned and operated full-service air conditioning and heating company serving the Katy and West Houston areas. With a deep understanding of air conditioning and heating concerns, Ronald brings a wealth of knowledge to our readers.

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