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What Thermostat Temperature Is Best for the Winter?

According to the Department of Energy, the cost of heating and cooling your home accounts for nearly half of your annual energy bill. One of the best ways to reduce your cost of energy during the winter months is with a programmable or smart thermostat, which allows you to pre-program the temperature settings in your home, according to your family’s schedule. If set correctly you will be able to maintain your desired level of comfort while saving money, but the question is: What temperature setting is best for the winter months?

Daytime Temperature Settings

Although the age, size, and thermal envelope of your home will affect the degree of heat loss that naturally occurs, one fact remains: the warmer the inside of your home is, the faster thermal energy will be transferred to the outside. The process works the same in reverse, where lower indoor temperatures result in a slowed rate of energy loss. To maximize the efficiency of your home heating, set the dial between 68 and 70 degrees for times when you are home and awake.

Overnight or Away Temperatures

Save money on heating bills by reducing the temperature inside your home while you are asleep or away. Use up to 10 percent less energy by turning the dial between 7 and 10 degrees lower for 8 hours or more, as your home loses less energy than it would at a higher temperature; a setting between 58 and 62 degrees is ideal.

Home Heating Equipment & Your Programmable Thermostat

A person lowers temperature on a home thermostat. Enegry saving concept

Choose a programmable thermostat that has features that work with your type of schedule. Options include:

  • 7-day –  Ideal for those who operate on the same schedule 7 days a week.
  • 5-2 day –  Choose this type if you have a set schedule Monday to Friday and another on the weekends.
  • 5-1-1 day – For busy families who have varying schedules on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Wi-Fi enabled – Change the settings on your thermostat from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When setting the device, program it to raise the temperature 30 minutes before you are due to awaken or arrive home and to lower it 30 minutes before you leave the house or go to bed to maximize efficiency.

If you have a heat pump, be sure to purchase a programmable thermostat that is specifically designed for this type of heating system, as setting back the thermostat in heating mode can cause the unit to operate inefficiently. Baseboard heating, steam heating, and radiant floor heating are more difficult to regulate using a setback system, but maintaining a steady temperature of 68 degrees and adding an additional layer of clothing during cooler periods can also help reduce your overall energy costs.

Additional Ways to Save During the Winter

Other ways to save on energy without sacrificing comfort include:

  • Annual HVAC maintenance – Ensure your heating equipment is operating at peak performance, and prevent mid-season breakdowns or repairs, by scheduling preventive maintenance each fall.
  • Upgrading appliances – Aging heating equipment takes longer to reach your desired setpoint, and uses more fuel to maintain the temperatures in your home. If your heating equipment is more than 12 years old, consider upgrading to a new, energy efficient appliances.
  • Filter changes – Routine filter changes keep system components clean, and equipment operating at peak efficiency.

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