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We may be known for our summers, but any resident of Brenham knows well that you do not want to be caught at the mercy of our winters. There’s plenty of cold to be had, and you need a heating system that can keep up with your demand. Is your current furnace struggling to meet your home’s heating needs? If so, you can trust the team at BVS to bring you the furnace replacement you need!

Our certified HVAC professionals put your needs first and always strive to bring you only the absolute best in home heating equipment. Whether you’re looking to replace an outdated unit, or you need a solution for an ailing system that just can’t seem to stay operational, we’ve got you covered.

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Furnace installation & Replacement in Brenham

At BVS, we take every step in helping you find the best replacement to suit both you and your home. And once the right system has been selected, we can install your new furnace flawlessly to optimize both your comfort and the efficiency of the heating system. We bring you the best in home comfort through streamlined furnace replacement, as well as a highly efficient, cost-saving system. Our technicians will evaluate your needs and provide you with options to give you the highest level of comfort in your home.
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Our 2-Degree Guarantee for Furnace Installations in Sealy & Brenham

During any furnace replacement or furnace installation in Sealy, Brenham, or any other Texas city, it’s important that all rooms maintain a consistent temperature no matter what. Balancing your house’s airflow for efficient control and zoning is a blend of art and science our technicians take pride in.

During your furnace installation or replacement, we check every room and make tweaks during installation to ensure that all of your rooms will be within two degrees of the thermostat.

To ensure your comfort, our design and installation process includes:

  • Heat-load testing
  • Air-pressure testing
  • Insulation calculation
  • Precise installation

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signs you need furnace replacement

Not sure if furnace repair can get the job done, or if it’s time for a full replacement? It’s a fair question, and one our experts get a lot! It’s true that generally repair can get the job done, and for a reasonable cost. But there are quite a few situations where the exact opposite is the case. In these times, our team will always recommend replacing:

When your furnace is simply too old

After around a decade or so of faithful service, most furnace system will begin declining in effectiveness. Older systems cost more to operate, begin performing poorly, and often begin needing repair far too often. In these cases, replacement is going to save you both money and time.

When your furnace cannot meet your heating needs

If your furnace struggles to keep that ideal temperature range for your home, it’s probably best to simply replace. There’s just no sense in paying for comfort that you’re simply not getting.

When you’re calling in for repair too frequently

A repair call every couple years is a little bit frequent, but tolerable. But if you’re calling in yearly or more, you’re paying in a lot more than you’re getting out. When this starts happening, replacing becomes the smarter bet.

When your heating costs are too high

Noticing a ten, twenty, or more percent hike in your heating costs? If so, there’s good odds on your system needing a replacement. In some cases a simple repair can get the job done, too, and if that’s the case you can count on our team to let you know!

The perks of replacing outdated furnace systems in texas

Sometimes even an operable furnace should be replaced. When, you ask? Generally, any time that a replacement will provide you with more comfort for less cost. And that happens more often than you might think! HVAC tech is advancing every single year, and even replacing a system that is a few years old can bring you:

  • Better comfort and heating quality
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved home air quality
  • Less frequent repair
  • More reliability
  • And more!
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Choose BVS for your furnace replacement in Brenham, TX

When your existing furnace isn’t cutting it anymore, you need a reliable team that can provide you with a high quality, energy-efficient heating system as a replacement. That’s where BVS Air Conditioning & Heating can help. The experts at BVS have years and years of training and experience, and we can help you find the right service to suit your specific needs.

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