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Throughout the year, your HVAC unit works behind the scenes in your Houston, TX, home to ensure your interior spaces remain tempered to your liking. By cycling cold air throughout your home, your air conditioning system maintains your comfort through even the hottest seasons.

However, like any space in your home, these systems become dirty over time and require cleaning. More specifically, the ductwork responsible for distributing cool air throughout your home needs routine cleaning to function as intended.

Hiring a professional to provide air duct cleaning in your Texas home guarantees that your HVAC system remains in top condition for as long as possible. If you’re looking for these services from reliable, expert technicians with years of experience, look no further than BVS—call (281) 391-1510 to schedule a free consultation today.

Benefits of Duct and Vent Cleaning Services

Before understanding the benefits of air duct cleaning services, knowing why dirty air ducts threaten your home is essential. Not only do dirty ducts blow polluted air through your home, but they also decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. These adversities both threaten your family’s health by reducing indoor air quality and raise the costs of your utility expenses.

Enlisting professional air duct cleaning helps avoid these costly problems. Like any part of your home, your air duct systems function best when clean. Routine air duct cleaning helps to prevent health problems, clean your air, and lower your monthly energy bills. Don’t wait to schedule this service for your Houston home!
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Contaminants Within Your Air Ducts

Ok, so dirty air ducts threaten your home: so what? If you don’t know the contaminants flowing through infected ducts, it’s surprising to learn what’s lurking within your HVAC system. Air conditioning units recycle air throughout your home to reach your desired temperatures. Thus, contaminants in your home can quickly end up within this air cycle. 

Some of the most common contaminants in dirty air ducts include dust mites, dead skin cells, mold and mildew, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smoke from tobacco or nicotine products, large quantities of dust, pet dander, and insects and bugs. In other words, many different contaminants can make your home less pleasant. Air duct cleaning is the best way to prevent unwanted pathogens from entering your home’s air cycle.

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Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning

There are various signs that it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional from BVS. Some more general symptoms include increasing utility bills, decreased air quality, more frequent illness, or less efficient system functioning. If you notice any strange odors coming from your ducts, you should call HVAC maintenance specialists to clean your ducts immediately.

Can I Clean My Own Ducts?

Many homeowners attempt to clean their own ducts and fix other issues with their HVAC unit. Doing so is a serious misstep that could cause you harm and increase the financial burden of maintaining a healthy system.

Since HVAC systems utilize mechanisms and chemicals that can be dangerous to rookie repair people, calling experts to clean your ductwork helps avoid accidents and severe bodily injury. In addition, if you’re unaware of the different parts of your system, you could easily cause more damage. Increasing damages to any HVAC system makes it more likely that experts will need to perform a costly repair or replacement. 

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