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With the mid-90-degree highs of summers in Houston, TX, the chances are you own multiple air conditioning units or have central air. In turn, you understand the value of at-home maintenance tips that keep your unit functioning, including changing or cleaning the filters every one to three months for optimal airflow. However, harder-to-reach components, like the coils, also need some TLC for the same reason.

If you require top services from an AC coil cleaning company for operational efficiency, count on BVS. We have more than 1,000 five-star reviews complimenting our routine and emergency services that’ll have your unit running like new in no time.

Your AC has two separate coils: the evaporator or cooling coil within the air handler of the indoor portion of your unit and the condenser coil in the outdoor unit section. Although the coils are not usually exposed, the outdoor unit sucks up dirt and dust when cooling the refrigerant and this debris settles on the coils, creating a buildup. 

The good news is you don’t always have to call on a professional AC coil cleaning company to remove dust and debris. Using a soft-bristled brush and acid or alkaline-based cleanser, gently scrub the coils every four months. 

While Katy, TX, has good air quality with a 25 AQI, especially compared to other parts of the Lone Star State, debris accumulation near your system and uncleaned filters easily contribute to buildup within the unit.

Sometimes, if the coils have more than a light layer of dust or you’re unsure how to clean them properly, allow an AC coil cleaning company to step in. At BVS, our trained technicians with more than 30 years of experience use effective yet gentle cleaning chemicals that won’t corrode your coils. Our odor-free cleansing agents are also safe for your family, pets, and the environment. 

While cleaning the coils is a part of our semi-annual maintenance checklist, call us as frequently as you deem fit for additional cleanings. 

Aside from preventing a clog, AC coil cleaning services keep your utility bills low. Clogs block optimal airflow, contributing to less air coming through your vents. The temperature in your desired rooms won’t reach the thermostat setting, and the unit will function harder and longer before turning off, increasing bills and reducing energy efficiency.

Other reasons AC coil cleaning services are necessary include:

Improving air quality: As more air passes through the vents, less dust and dander will blow through with regular cleanings, creating a healthier environment. 

Increasing your unit lifespan: If your system is working harder to produce your desired temperature, it will raise your electricity bills while taking a toll on your system. When different components undergo constant damage, your unit costs more to maintain and may break down prematurely. 

Preventing corrosion: Dirty coils corrode, causing refrigerant leaks. These leaks cause your unit to produce warm or no air, and as they pool in the corner of your living room, they become a health hazard to your loved ones. 

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Dealing with AC maintenance can be overwhelming. If you prefer to put your AC in the hands of our trusted HVAC coil cleaning company instead of DIY projects, call BVS. Between our 30+ years of experience in Houston, TX, and mounting five-star reviews, it’s no wonder our customers consider us “the #1 cleaning company near me.”

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