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What Causes Uneven Cooling in the House?

Is uneven cooling in your house turning your summer into a bummer? BVS Home Experts can diagnose the issue at 281-391-1510.

Your central air conditioning system works hard yearly to keep your home comfortable. You’ll eventually run into issues that decrease your comfort while increasing your power bills. Fortunately, you can remedy uneven cooling with some simple solutions. Our team at BVS Home Experts, a reliable AC company in Katy, TX, outlines the reasons behind fluctuating temperatures throughout your home. 

#1 Inadequate Insulation

Any homeowner can easily forget about insulation maintenance. After all, your attic insulation stays out of sight and mind. However, it slowly degrades over time, becoming less effective at keeping outdoor air outside. 

Replace or refresh your insulation every 15 years to prevent hotspots from developing in your home. You’ll also significantly lower your energy bills. 

#2 Old HVAC Filters

Air conditioning system filters eliminate pollutants and other particles from the air circulating throughout your home. Without them, you’d breathe in a slew of debris, including:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Dander
  • Mold spores
  • Microbes

However, you must replace them every three months at least. Otherwise, they’ll prevent adequate airflow, leading to uneven temperatures throughout your home. 

Ask an HVAC technician for recommendations on the best MERV ratings for your indoor needs. Do you struggle to remember to replace your filter? Schedule maintenance services to assist with this and other pertinent maintenance tasks. 

#3 Inappropriate Cycling

Any technician who understands air conditioning basics knows that long and short cycling indicate a problem. The average operational cycle should last between 10 and 20 minutes. Long cycles go above this average, while short cycles fall short. 

Inappropriate cycling may circulate excessive amounts of conditioned air in a specific area. The other areas don’t receive the conditioned air supply they need to stay cool. Inappropriate cycle lengths often indicate a broken or damaged component. Contact a reputable HVAC company for troubleshooting and diagnostic services. 

#4 Punctured Ductwork

Most air ducts consist of hollowed metals like aluminum and steel. These durable networks transport conditioned air to designated vents throughout your home. However, they can still develop punctures that allow air to leak out of the network. 

Some reasons ductwork may develop punctures include:

  • Rusty or corroded areas may wear thin and crumble
  • Excess static pressure can cause the materials to buckle
  • Pests like rats or mice can chew through the materials to create their own infrastructure

A skilled technician can inspect your ductwork for leaks, repair minor punctures, and replace any severely damaged materials.

#5 Blocked Vents

You wouldn’t believe the items that can become trapped behind vents! Wrapping paper, toys, boxes, and other objects can sometimes find their way into your vents. You might also unknowingly have closed vent slides. 

Check your vents with a flashlight periodically for blockages that contribute to uneven cooling in the house. Remove any foreign items you encounter. Adjust the vent slides as needed to ensure more even cooling capabilities. 

#6 Poor Zoning

Perhaps your HVAC system works perfectly well. You simply have a large home or struggle with other factors beyond your control. You could invest in a zoning system to improve indoor temperature control. 

Zoning systems effectively regulate airflow to certain areas of the house. An HVAC technician will map out the zones and program the system to control those zones. This technology will limit airflow to areas that get too chilly when your air conditioner operates. The excess air will go to the areas that never seem to cool off. 

#7 Unused Fan Mode

You might improve your indoor temperature regulation with this one simple trick! Have you ever noticed that your thermostat has two fan modes? Those modes include “On” and “Auto.” 

“Auto” allows the fan to operate only when the air conditioning unit cycles. Once the unit powers down, the fan turns off. The “On” mode allows the fan to continue running after the unit delivers conditioned air. 

Try the “On” mode occasionally. It will help disperse conditioned air more evenly throughout your home. You can supplement the HVAC fan with ceiling and box fans for additional air movement. 

#8 Outdated HVAC System

Finally, your aging HVAC system could be the reason behind your home’s unpredictable temperature changes. Old systems struggle to keep up with the required workload. Components develop damage and stop working effectively. Refrigerant lines spring leaks, inhibiting heat removal. 

In other words, it may work perfectly well during one operation cycle, but the next cycle may not deliver conditioned air effectively at all. The only solution for this issue is to contact an HVAC company specializing in air conditioning replacement and installation services. 

You can choose a new, more efficient model to maintain your comfort demands. Start shopping when you’ve owned your current unit for 10 years or more. 

How To Solve the Problem

Can you prevent uneven cooling in the first place? With the proper prevention measures, you certainly can! A little prevention can also save lots of money. Use the following checklist to maintain perfect comfort throughout the summer:

  1. Inspect your HVAC system occasionally. You can get familiar with how all components and networks should look. Check vents, duct entries behind vents, filters, and the outdoor unit every few months.
  2. Set reminders on your mobile devices for filter changes. 
  3. Schedule regular maintenance services from an HVAC technician. Maintenance ensures everything is in working order. The technician can also alert you to any repairs on the horizon. 
  4. Consider installing supplemental technologies like zoning systems and air purifiers. These implements can improve your indoor air quality while increasing your overall comfort. 

What Causes Uneven Cooling in the House? BVS Home Experts Will Find Out!

Keeping your home comfortable shouldn’t be a chore. Our crew at BVS Home Experts offers services to help you control your air conditioner temperature throughout the home and prevent uneven cooling in your house.

Call 281-391-1510 to schedule HVAC inspections or maintenance services. Let’s achieve your HVAC system’s best and most efficient performance yet!

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