Understanding Inverter HVAC Systems: A Quick Guide

We’re all trying to save money anywhere we can these days, especially when it comes to energy use. Your heating and cooling system can increase your energy bills during cold snaps and heat waves. If you try to postpone turning on your heater in the winter or sweat without turning on the air conditioning in summer, you could benefit from installing an inverter HVAC unit.

This post will explain how an inverter unit is different from a traditional HVAC system and some benefits of upgrading yours. Katy’s top heating and air conditioning company offers a free quote to upgrade your heating and cooling system. Reach out to BVS Home Experts to begin your journey to a more efficient HVAC system.

What Is an Inverter HVAC System?

Inverter HVAC technology was once only available on high-end units. As it becomes more accessible, many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their air conditioning systems to enjoy the benefits of the newer technology.

If you have a traditional air conditioning system in your home, the routine probably goes something like this:

  • You set the temperature to 68 degrees.
  • The air conditioner switches on and runs full-blast until it’s 68 degrees inside your home.
  • The air conditioner turns off until the temperature rises, and then it runs full-blast again.

Inverter HVAC units use a variable-speed compressor, which runs continuously to maintain the set temperature. Instead of operating at full power the entire time, an inverter HVAC unit adjusts to use less energy throughout the day as it keeps your home at a comfortable temperature. 

Benefits of Installing an Inverter HVAC

Until you experience the benefits of an upgraded HVAC unit, you may wonder if installing an inverter HVAC system is worth the initial investment. Here are a few benefits you will enjoy all year long:

Solar Compatibility

Solar energy is more commonplace now than ever as more states push for solar installation. Outdated air conditioners may require too much power to work with home solar panels. Since they use a considerable amount of electricity, they could end up draining your reserve power in a day, making your solar panels essentially useless.

Inverter HVAC units operate so efficiently that you can use them with your solar panels and still have plenty of electricity left over. They are a great option to keep you cool as you make efforts to lower your carbon footprint.

Lower Energy Bills

You’re probably familiar with skyrocketing energy bills as you run your air conditioner during a heat wave. That’s because typical compressors use the same amount of power during the entire cycle. Inverter HVAC units change their speed as they operate, minimizing power consumption and providing your home with energy-efficient cooling and heating.

Consistent Temperatures Throughout Your Home

Traditional air conditioners have one thermostat that measures the temperature in one area of your home. The unit distributes air into every room, heating and cooling according to the set temperature. Since the thermostat only reads the temperature in one area, you often end up with an inconsistent temperature in various rooms of your house.

Inverter HVAC units provide even climate control throughout your whole home. Some units offer zoning options, allowing you to fully customize the temperature throughout your home. You won’t end up fighting with your family over a one-degree thermostat adjustment when you can customize each room individually.

Less Noise During Operation

Traditional HVAC units make distinct noises as they turn on and off because it takes a big jolt of energy for the compressor to abruptly start running full-speed. 

Inverter HVAC units make a lot less noise because they start and stop operation at a fraction of the speed, which takes less energy. If you jolt awake every time your HVAC unit clicks on, upgrading to an inverter unit could help you finally get a good night’s sleep.

Things to Keep in Mind

Even though there are many benefits to upgrading to an inverter HVAC system, you should consider some things before making the investment. Thinking about the pros and cons of upgrading your unit will help you to make the best choice for you and your family.

Your Home’s Insulation

Variable-speed compressors are great at efficiently heating and cooling your home as long as it has good insulation. If your house isn’t insulated or if the existing insulation is too deteriorated to do any good, no HVAC unit will work efficiently. 

Newer homes typically have adequate insulation throughout, but that may not be the case for historic homes without recent updates. New insulation can help your inverter HVAC keep your home comfortable, and you will enjoy the benefit of lower energy bills.

Installation Costs

Any time you install new technology, you should expect to pay a premium. Inverter HVAC units are still relatively new and still cost more than traditional units. The shock of the installation cost may deter you from upgrading your HVAC unit, but keep in mind that you will end up with lower energy bills for many years.

Maintenance Costs

Because of the high installation cost, it probably won’t surprise you that inverter HVAC systems have higher maintenance costs as well. The parts are more expensive, and HVAC technicians need special training in order to provide service on newer units. 

The good news is that updated HVAC units don’t break down as often as aging units. You could enjoy inverter technology for years before you have to contact an HVAC company for repair.

Reliable Home Comfort Service in Katy

Installing an inverter HVAC system can keep your home comfortable all year long as you enjoy lower energy bills and less noise as the unit operates. Inverter units use so little power that they are an excellent choice for homes that run on solar energy. 

BVS Home Experts offers advice if you are wondering how long should an HVAC system last. When you’re ready to upgrade, call 281-391-1510 or fill out the online form to book an appointment in Katy, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

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