6 Reasons to Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance

One of the most important tasks to include on your annual spring to-do list is HVAC maintenance. Regular maintenance can ensure the integrity of your cooling equipment and the safety and comfort of your family. Keep reading for even more reasons to schedule professional AC maintenance this spring!

Why Is Spring a Good Time for HVAC Maintenance?

Most homeowners take their HVAC system for granted, assuming it will provide conditioned air on demand—but without routine preventive maintenance each spring you might find the heat just as unbearable inside as it is outside. Schedule HVAC maintenance prior to running your cooling system full time to avoid potential damage due to the following:

  • Dirty air filter.
  • Vegetation or debris within two feet of the outdoor unit.
  • Inadequate lubrication of moving parts.
  • Damaged internal components.
  • Dirty coils.
  • Improper drainage.

6 Reasons To Schedule HVAC Maintenance Each Spring

Catch problems while they’re small.

Even a well-maintained cooling system will experience wear and tear over time, and parts may periodically need to be repaired or replaced. Worn or damaged parts can cause reduced efficiency, loss of comfort, damage to other components, or a loss of service in the middle of a Texas heatwave. As part of HVAC maintenance, the experts at BVS will thoroughly inspect, clean, tune, and optimize your A/C to prevent small problems from becoming larger, more costly ones.

Beat the rush. 

Arrange for HVAC maintenance according to your schedule, rather than waiting until cooling season begins. Once hotter temperatures are under way, technicians are often tied up with new installations and emergency repairs, and you may have fewer appointment times to choose from.

You’ll breathe easier.

Pollen and other allergens, such as dander, dust, and bacteria can accumulate over time, clogging air filters and coating your ductwork and HVAC equipment. Start fresh with a clean filter and system components to reduce allergy symptoms and improve the quality of your indoor air.

Increased efficiency. 

A clean, well-maintained cooling system will operate more efficiently than one that is dirty and neglected, helping to reduce cooling costs and your carbon footprint.

Time for a change. 

If your cooling system underperformed last summer, you noticed an excessive increase in energy costs, or you’ve paid for several costly repairs over the past few years, it may be time to consider upgrading your old equipment for a new, more energy efficient cooling system. When a qualified technician from BVS performs a maintenance visit, they can help you decide if maintenance is sufficient or if replacements are necessary.

Extend the lifespan of your equipment.

In the absence of routine maintenance, system components can suffer from undue wear and tear, shortening the lifespan of the equipment and decreasing efficiency.

HVAC Maintenance in Katy & Houston

Spring is the perfect time to schedule HVAC maintenance to ensure your family is safe and comfortable through the sweltering summer heat. Contact the experts at BVS today, for reliable, professional service in Sealy, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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