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5 Facts About Air Conditioning Repair Services You Should Read

Air conditioning is important for those of us that live in hot, humid places (like Houston). Have you ever wondered about the history of air conditioning or do you just care that it works so you can live somewhere hot? Here at BVS Home Experts, we love the history and we want your AC to run well. One thing that remains certain, we all need to stay current with our air conditioning repair services.

In 1748, William Cullen of the University of Glasgow came up with the idea of artificial refrigeration. 10 years later, Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley of Cambridge University discovered that evaporation has a cooling effect. In 1902, Willis Carrier invented his Apparatus for Treating Air, which cooled air by blowing it over cold coils.

One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the need for air conditioning tune ups and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. If you pay attention, your AC unit will give some warning signs that something has gone wrong.

Air Conditioning warning signs:

  • warmth infiltrationWeak cooling or poor air flow. Does your home feel warmer than usual? Is the air from your AC not flowing well? We can come out and tune up or repair your unit, even perform an AC replacement, if necessary.
  • Strange sounds. Odd sounds can be a warning sign for your system. It may mean there’s loose or damaged components. Call a pro right away.
  • Odd OdorMusty or odd odors. Check your filter and replace it. If it still smells, you might have a wiring problem or a clogged part. Either way, you need a solution fast.
  • Air Conditioning InsideLeaking or excess moisture. Your AC unit creates a small amount of moisture, but you should neversee it pooling on the floor or leaking on your unit.
  • ThermostatWrong thermostat readings. Does your thermostat read 68, but it feels more like 80? Call in a professional for an air conditioner repair!


We are grateful for the people who created the systems, especially on a hot, humid summer day here in Texas. Let us help you with all your air conditioning repair needs. Make sure your home is comfortable all year long. If it isn’t, contact BVS Home Experts today to restore your comfort.

Author Bio:

Ronald Via

Ronald is one of the key contributors to BVS Home Experts, a family-owned and operated full-service air conditioning and heating company serving the Katy and West Houston areas. With a deep understanding of air conditioning and heating concerns, Ronald brings a wealth of knowledge to our readers.

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