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Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of An Energy Efficient AC Unit?

Living in a place like Houston, we need our air conditioning units to work hard for most of the year. Did you know that 90% of air conditioners exhibit some sort of energy-wasting problem? Let’s look at some common issues.


Avoid over-cooling.

Many homes are colder than they need to be. For most people, 78°F is perfectly comfortable. A lot of people crank the temperature down to 65°. Save money and set your temperature higher. Going up one degree can reduce your AC bill by 3% to 5%. Raising the temperature when you’re not at home will save even more money. Use a timer to bring the temperature down to 78° just before return home.


Insulate and seal your house.

An AC system can’t perform well in a house with poor insulation and sealing and can cost well over $100 a year.


Keep your unit clean.

If you have a central air conditioner, clean the condenser unit at least every other year. Clean all registers, air inlets and outlets. It’s more efficient and prevents buildup of dust and mold. Add a tune-up and inspection. Among other tasks, the technician will check your refrigerant level. If it’s low, your AC is losing up to 20% of its energy.


Use energy-efficient appliances.

All electrical devices give off heat. Consider replacing old refrigerators and incandescent light bulbs. Unplug electronic equipment when not in use.


Check your windows.

Close drapes and shutters on windows during the sunny part of the day. Replace your windows with double-glazed panes that have a coating that reduces heat. Plant a tree. In the summer, a deciduous tree in front of a window provides shade. In the winter, after its leaves have fallen, it will allow solar energy to warm your house.

Shhhh. Listen! Do you hear the sound of an energy efficient unit? If not, contact us today. We have air conditioner technicians standing by 24/7 (yes, even on holidays!).

Make sure your home is comfortable and efficient all year long. If you have any questions about the energy efficiency of your home, contact BVS Home Experts today to restore your comfort.

Author Bio:

Ronald Via

Ronald is one of the key contributors to BVS Home Experts, a family-owned and operated full-service air conditioning and heating company serving the Katy and West Houston areas. With a deep understanding of air conditioning and heating concerns, Ronald brings a wealth of knowledge to our readers.


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