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When You Know You Need to Call AC Repair Houston Service

When do you need an AC repair Houston service?

Air conditioner problems may occur when they are least expected, and a good AC repair Houston service can provide quality and affordable solutions. But, what are the most common AC unit problems? How can you know you are dealing with a broken air conditioner? The answers to these questions will help you identify your AC unit’s issue and pass it on to an AC repair team. Here are some of the most common reasons why you need to call the experts and let them handle the job.

The AC won’t start

Quality air conditioners are designed to last up to 20 years and work efficiently without many major repairs. However, even the most expensive AC may one day fail to start working. In that case, you should immediately have the motor checked. Ask your AC maintenance crew to check the faulty motor and see if the unit is receiving power.

The frost buildup on the condenser coils is another factor that should be considered if the AC won’t start. The ice can block any portion of the unit and it has to be removed for the air conditioner to continue working properly.

The compressors should be checked regularly if you don’t want them to shut down your AC unit. Knowing how to clean them is the key to keeping your air conditioner in top working condition. But, if you can’t clean the compressors on your own, let the experts do it for you.


The airflow is disrupted

If the AC’s airflow is weak and disrupted, there is something wrong with the system. You should have the vents checked to see if they are closed or blocked. A dirty air filter can also limit the airflow. Improperly installed ductwork and frozen evaporator coils may stop the supply of cool air to your home as well.

If you experience these problems, you should check the air filter and replace it, if needed. Changing the filters can be easily done if you know your way with AC units. If not, call the AC maintenance crew right away. They will not only determine if the ducts are leaking, but if something else needs to be fixed, too.

The air conditioner supplies the entire room with cool air until the desired temperature is reached. The blower motor is an essential part of this process and if there is something wrong with it, it can completely block the airflow.

The Electric Bills are Abnormally High

The cool air from the air conditioners can easily go to waste due to faulty ducts. If this happens, you may find yourself spending lots of money on electric bills. Additionally, moisture, mold and allergens are some of the contaminants that can worsen the leakage – and you don’t want that in your home.

Air conditioners work by absorbing the heat inside your home and rejecting that heat outside. In order to do that, the AC has to be optimized with clean coils. Dirty coils can’t absorb the heat due to the bacteria and pollutants present in every home. The mix of these contaminants makes the coils slimy, so absorbing the heat becomes extremely difficult.

The heated air is rejected by the coils and condenser fan. Overheating may occur if the fan is not working at peak level or the coils are contaminated. The efficiency of the fan is essential when it comes to rejecting the heat. So, if you want to avoid high electric bills, call a skilled AC maintenance crew to check the system immediately.

High Electric Bills

Weird Noise During Startup

Weird sounds coming from your AC suggest that something wrong is happening inside the system. The first step is detecting what sort of noise you are dealing with. If it’s a squealing noise, you should check the belts of the motor and replace them immediately – they are crucial for the blower to work.

In case a screeching sound comes out of the motor, adding a lubricant in the oil ports is the right thing to do. If you don’t want any additional problems, make sure that you are using the correct oil for the motor. A rattling sound suggests that there are loose components in the system.

Loose components should be repaired because they can break or possibly damage other parts of the AC unit. Call your AC repair service for a qualified technician to do a system checkup.

The AC is Leaking Water

If your AC is leaking water, it can mean several things. For instance, it can signal that the condensation pump is broken, making the unit less effective and increasing your bills. Refrigerant leakage is another common problem that may result in your air conditioner leaking water. Call the AC repair team if you have tried to detect the leakage on your own, but failed to do so.

Typically, AC water leakage occurs during the summer, but this doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect the system during the winter. Modern air conditioners drain water, and there are many parts that could crack or drip, causing water leakage. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed by locating the dripping spot on your own. If not, calling a certified AC repair team is the best option you have.

The Air from the Registers is not as Cold as it used to be

Uninsulated refrigerant lines can be one of the reasons why the air is not as cold as it used to be. By covering them with insulated sleeves, they will remain protected and the cold air can run through them. Also, the refrigerant should be charged at all times, so do a quick checkup before recharging it.


Regardless of the problem you are facing with your AC unit, you should approach it with caution. Call an AC repair team if you can’t fix it on your own. Good teams consist of experienced professionals that will locate the issue and fix it as soon as possible. By using their services, you are saving money.

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