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Why Choose Daikin Air Conditioning & Heating Products?

Back in 1951, Daikin began manufacturing packaged air conditioning systems in Japan, and has continued to grow their product line and improve performance ever since. Innovation and value are the cornerstones of this global leader, working tirelessly towards improving home comfort for customers around the globe. Need more reasons to choose Daikin air conditioning and heating products?

The Daikin Difference

Each and every product manufactured by Daikin is designed to enhance the comfort and lives of the consumer, by exceeding expectations through technological advancement, superior limited warranties, and knowledgeable, professional dealer installation and service.

The Daikin Difference is apparent in the exceptional efficiency, reliability, and durability of each Daikin system produced and sold. Customers can take back control over their home environments with a full range of products including air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers and coils, gas furnaces, and more!

The Daikin Comfort Promise

Daikan is more than just a trusted name in home comfort, the name itself stands for excellence in service, reliability, and value. The Daikin Comfort Promise is your guarantee of complete satisfaction of your Daikin system from one year of installation. If for any reason your Daikin dealer does not meet your expectations for a quality installation, contact your dealer and ask them to honor the Daikin Comfort Promise. Under the guidelines of this commitment your Comfort Pro will return to your home and make every reasonable effort to resolve any outstanding issues you may have with your Daikin installation, at no cost to you.

Daikin Cares

With a sales force that spans 140 countries and manufacturing bases in over 80 different locations, Daikin forges a commitment to global diversity and development—hiring local employees and helping communities to thrive.

Innovative technology and product design helps to improve the lives of Daikin consumers, while helping to enhance indoor air quality and sustain a healthy indoor environment.

Daikin Performance

The functionality of your home comfort system is of paramount importance to the quality and comfort of your everyday life, and the health and safety of your home and family. The performance and efficiency of your appliances should supply you with top quality, reliable service and Daikin products fit the bill, providing customers with exceptional products and services for generations using state of the art materials and technologies.

The Daikin Philosophy

It’s not possible to become one of the worlds largest manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment without earning a solid reputation for quality, service, and innovation. The Daikin philosophy encompasses the spirit of the company, proving how and why they continue to remain at the top of their field and includes the following:

  • Think globally and act locally.
  • Be a flexible and dynamic organization.
  • Strive to continuously improve the value and performance of the Daikin product line.
  • Develop energy saving technology.
  • Promote a working environment based on best practices, innovation, and integrity.
  • Encourage employees to be the catalyst behind the success of the company.

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