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Why Your AC Will Break Down This Summer & How To Solve It

Summer is just around the corner here in Texas. Are you ready for the hot, humid days? How about your air conditioner? Or do you need an AC repair? Don’t wait until you are sitting on your couch and sweating. Take care of your air conditioning system now to prevent a summer break down.


Do Your Maintenance


As a homeowner, you need to take care of your home, and that includes your air conditioner. When was the last time you checked your air filter? They should be replaced or cleaned every few months. Doing so helps keep the air in your home clean. If you are replacing the air filter, make sure you get the correct size.


Spot cleaning your AC unit can help it survive the summer as well. Grass, leaves, dust and dirt build up on your outside unit. Before you start to clean it, turn the power off. Then, use a hose and spray off any loose debris on the outside of the unit. Remove the fan cage to get any debris that has gathered inside the unit.


Check for vegetation growth on the unit as that disrupts air flow and trap air inside the unit. Rake leaves and debris out of the way. Cut any vegetation and branches back that are closer than two feet.


Look for AC Unit Issues


Be aware of the signs that your AC unit may be struggling to cool your house. Following are some signs to look out for:

  • Bad air flow – If one area of the room feel cooler or hotter than other areas, your component might be failing. Don’t ignore the sign or you may be in for a hot night in your home. Call us to check it out
  • Odd sounds – Strange sounds might mean a component is loose or damaged. Ignoring the problem could lead to more damage.
  • Inefficient cooling – Does your house not feel cool enough, even when your system is running? It might be time for a replacement or just some repairs.
  • Leaking or excessive moisture – It’s normal to see some moisture around your unit. However, if you see pooling on the floor, you might have a leak.
  • Unusual odors – An odd smell could mean something as simple as your air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. It may also be a warning sign of a wiring problem or a clogged part.
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings – If your thermostat reads 70, but your house feels like 85, you need a professional to come out and take a look.


Professional AC repair

Hire Professional Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t break down is to schedule regular maintenance. It’s the best way to maximize your system’s efficiency as well as improve effectiveness and performance. It will reduce cooling and repair costs and improve the air quality in your home. BVS Home Experts certified HVAC professionals can ensure your AC runs through the summer.

No matter what happens, we are here for you at BVS Home Experts. We have air conditioner technicians standing by 24/7 (yes, even on holidays!). You don’t need to worry anymore because we’ll get everything taken care of to get your home back to normal.

Make sure your home is comfortable and efficient all year long. For comprehensive air conditioning repair services, contact BVS Home Experts today to restore your comfort.

Author Bio:

Ronald Via

Ronald is one of the key contributors to BVS Home Experts, a family-owned and operated full-service air conditioning and heating company serving the Katy and West Houston areas. With a deep understanding of air conditioning and heating concerns, Ronald brings a wealth of knowledge to our readers.

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