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The Answers You Need If Your Home Air Conditioner Sounds Like An Airplane

When you’re sitting in your living room on a sweltering Texas summer day, you want your air conditioner to run smoothly. You definitely don’t want it to sound like an airplane struggling to take off. Air conditioners do make noises. Know the difference between good and bad ones and when you need to get air conditioning service.


Normal air conditioner noises

AC units do make some sounds when they turn on, are running, and when they turn off.

Humming – When your AC unit turns on, it hums, sounding like a little engine taking off. You will hear a hum every time the AC turns on to cool your home. However, if the humming is loud and doesn’t stop, you may need AC service.

Blowing – When the AC is running, it makes a low blowing noise as the air moves through the ducts and vents. However, if the sound is loud enough to distract you, there may be a problem.

Clicking – AC units make clicking noises at the end of a cooling cycle as parts slow down and stop. If the clicking is non-stop or loud, then something might be stuck in the fan.



Dangerous air conditioner noises

Ac units that are running well blend into the background sounds of our daily lives. But if your unit is making loud and unusual sounds, like an airplane preparing for lift-off, something is wrong.


Buzzing – A buzzing sound coming from your unit is not a good sign. The motor may not be running smoothly, there may be debris in the unit, or a fan blade might be loose. The buzzing sound could be a sign that the condenser coil is dirty, or worse, you may have an electrical problem.


Banging –  Banging is not a sound you want to hear from your AC unit. A component may have shifted, or something is loose. It may be as easy as a screw or spring that needs to be tightened. Turn your AC off to prevent further damage and call BVS Home Experts for AC maintenance.


Gurgling or bubbling –  If you hear a bubbling sound coming from your AC unit, you might have a refrigerant leak. Leaks can lead to cooling problems and need to be fixed right away.


Hissing – Hissing is a sign of a few different problems in your system. Hissing could signify that the refrigerant is leaking. If the compressor is malfunctioning, it may hiss as well. Both are serious problems and should be repaired as soon as possible.


Squealing – A squealing sound may mean that certain components (blower wheel, fan motor, belt) need to be replaced. It may also signal that high pressure is building up somewhere and struggling to escape, which can be very dangerous. Do not ignore this warning sign – turn your AC off right away and call a professional!


Whistling – A whistling sound can mean low airflow due to blocked ducts, air vents or dirty filters. A simple duct cleaning might solve the problem. Whistling can also mean a seal is loose or damaged in the unit and needs to be fixed.


Rattling – A rattling sound most likely means something is loose like a screw or fan blade. It might signal a motor is on its last legs. A loud rattling sound from your unit needs to be taken care of before more damage is done.

Age – As air conditioner units age, they get louder as they work harder to cool your home. If you are tired of the loud noises, it might be time to get a new air conditioner system. New models are quieter and more energy efficient.

No matter what happens, we are here for you at BVS Home Experts. We have certified air conditioner technicians standing by 24/7 (yes, 24-hour AC service) to ensure you get the AC maintenance or repair you need. Make sure your home is comfortable and efficient all year long. Contact BVS Home Experts today to restore your comfort.


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