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How to Cool Your House When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

Oh no! You’re sitting in your living room watching a movie and you realize that it’s hot! Warm air is blowing out of the vents and you don’t know what to do. You call the air conditioner repair company right away, but what can you do to stay cool until they arrive?


Cool the Room


When your AC unit isn’t working, you need to use other means to cool off. Turn on a fan or two. A fan can make you feel up to 4-degrees cooler. Use multiple fans in the same room to create a refreshing cross breeze. Be sure to turn them off when you aren’t in the room. Fans don’t actually cool a room.


Don’t add heat! Avoid using any appliances that generate heat. That means no stove, no oven, no dishwasher, no dryer, etc.


Block the heat from coming in. Ensure all windows are closed. Close curtains and drapes. In the future, plant trees on the south and west side of your home for a natural coolant.


Use ice! Have you ever put your hand over the top of a cold glass of ice water? It feels cooler, right? Placing a large block of ice on a cookie sheet can cool the air around it.


Something that’s old fashioned, but definitely works is it to hang damp sheets or towels in the room. Hang it over a fan, or at night, in front of an open window.

Cool Yourself


Take steps to ensure that you don’t get overheated while you are waiting for the AC guy to show up. Drape a wet washcloth on your forehead. Drink a large glass of ice water. Take a cold shower. Get your sheets wet before you go to bed.


If you can, head out for a while. Go to the mall or the store or go visit a friend. You can also head to the library to stay cool for a while.



Schedule service

Call a trusted AC repair company like BVS Home Experts. No matter what happens, we are here for you at BVS Home Experts. We have air conditioner technicians standing by 24/7 (yes, even on holidays!). You don’t need to worry anymore because we’ll get everything taken care of to get your home back to normal.

Make sure your home is comfortable and efficient all year long. For comprehensive air conditioning repair services, contact BVS Home Experts today to restore your comfort.

Author Bio:

Ronald Via

Ronald is one of the key contributors to BVS Home Experts, a family-owned and operated full-service air conditioning and heating company serving the Katy and West Houston areas. With a deep understanding of air conditioning and heating concerns, Ronald brings a wealth of knowledge to our readers.

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