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Maintaining a healthy HVAC system is one of the essential features of a well-functioning home. Especially when hot summer temperatures begin in Hempstead, TX, you’ll want your system in top shape to provide indoor temperatures that keep you comfortable through the hottest season.

While many issues can occur in your HVAC unit, one of the less apparent problems is leaking air ducts. Your system’s ducts are responsible for distributing air throughout your home. However, small tears, holes, and duct leaks cause air to slowly escape and require air duct sealing to return to optimal functioning.

If you notice your HVAC unit functioning less efficiently than usual, it might be time to call expert technicians from BVS to assess your ductwork. Call (281) 391-1510 to schedule a free consultation and learn how our technicians can fix your Hempstead home’s system today.

Why Are Leaking Ducts a Problem?

Leaking ducts can cause various issues in your home that can increase your utility expenses and threaten your family’s health. 

Because leaking air from compromised ducts never reaches target rooms, it decreases the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. Less efficient airflow means your unit takes longer and works harder to achieve your desired temperatures. As a result, leaking ducts tend to increase your energy bill costs as your system overworks to compensate for the lost air.

Compromised ducts in your Hempstead home can also pose a health hazard to your family. In most homes, ductwork runs through attics and roofs. These environments tend to be hotter, more humid, and an ideal environment for the growth of mold and bacteria.

Because duct leaks are small holes in your ductwork, these openings can allow bacteria, mold, and mildew to infect your home’s air supply, significantly degrading your indoor air quality. Family members who struggle with allergies, asthma, frequent sickness, or are otherwise immunocompromised might notice an increase in their symptoms. Therefore, leaking ducts are not only unproductive but also unsafe.
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How Can I Identify Leaking Ducts?

Identifying leaking ducts can sometimes be more complicated than other HVAC issues, as most ductwork runs through the infrastructure of your Hempstead home. However, a few tell-tale signs of leaking ductwork include increasing utility expenses, decreased HVAC efficiency, and compromised air quality. Another tell-tale sign is draftiness in your home even after closing all entrances to the outside.

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Can I Seal My Own Duct Leaks?

While DIY duct sealant has been available for many years, we don’t recommend sealing your own ducts. Addressing any maintenance issues with an HVAC unit can be a difficult and dangerous task. Air conditioning systems feature mechanisms and chemicals that can be dangerous if they are unfamiliar. 

Attempting to conduct air duct sealing might make the problem worse. Inexperienced homeowners often mismanage this type of repair job, causing more damage to their system that requires significant repair.

How Does a Professional Do the Job Better?

Calling a professional from BVS is the best way to ensure your Hempstead home receives quality treatment from expert maintenance specialists and HVAC technicians. Because professional technicians have years of experience and expertise far superior to most homeowners, they’ll be able to do the job better and quicker. Considering the high cost of whole system repairs or replacements, hiring a technician who understands the intricacies of these systems guarantees a job well done.

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For more information on air duct sealing and other expert HVAC maintenance services, call BVS—our expert technicians provide quality services and ensure that your HVAC system keeps you comfortable year-round. Call (281) 391-1510 to schedule a free consultation today.
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