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5 Ways High Humidity Harms Your Home

We contend with plenty of heat in Texas. You don’t need a weather specialist to tell you that! And besides the sweltering heat, we get plenty of humidity to contend with besides. High humidity in your Texas home can cause plenty of discomfort. But were you aware that it can cause tons of problems for your home itself as well? The experts at BVS Air Conditioning & Heating can provide the humidity solution you need, offering high quality humidifier installation in Katy, TX!

At BVS, quality and dependability are the cornerstones of our business. We take your needs seriously! And to meet them, we offer comprehensive HVAC care and air quality solutions that bring you the best and latest tech to provide the comfort you need.

Ready to get a humidifier installation in Katy, TX? Contact our experts today!

How Humidity Impacts Your Home

Humidity (specifically relative humidity) refers the the amount of water vapor present in the air around us. It makes us feel sticky, hot, and all around kind of awful. So as you can imagine, it has quite the impact on your home as well:

  • Paint. Paint exposed to high humidity over a period of time tends to begin shifting, and creating unpleasant water spots. This can also cause bubbling and blistering, creating ugly bumps in walls that will eventually necessitate an annoying repaint session.
  • Furniture. Wood furniture and flooring will have a lot of trouble in moisture-laden air. You’ll see evidence of warping and bending in the wood, and you may eventually even have trouble with bucking floors! Furniture exposed to humidity for too long may even become ugly or useless, losing you money and potentially important home items of personal value.
  • Air quality. Air that contains too much water vapor is already harder to breathe than normal. But it also carries mold spore and dust more readily, choking both you and your home’s HVAC system into submission.
  • Energy efficiency. Your air conditioner and furnace both provide a measure of dehumidification, but it’s a secondary function that comes as a result of its normal job. This means it can’t handle very much on its own, and when it begins falling behind your energy-efficiency suffers.
  • Mold. As we said regarding air quality, moist air readily carries mold. This moist, moldy air will translate directly onto your moist furniture, walls, floors, and even carpets or drapes. The result can be a sudden and massive mold infestation. Not fun!

The Importance of Humidifier Installation in Katy, TX

The ideal humidity level in a home stands roughly between thirty to fifty percent humidity. In a perfect world, it will stick somewhere in the middle of there. But in locations like ours where humidity comes and goes in a flash of awful, awful discomfort, it can be hard to maintain.

A dehumidifier offers the solution you need to stay cool and dry in the face of even the stormiest, most moisture laden days! It improves your comfort, your home’s comfort, and preserves and protects your investments to boot!

Seek Superior Dehumidifier Installation with BVS

Our specialists have been providing superior home comfort and quality heating and cooling solutions for years. Your happiness and satisfaction are our primary goal, and we offer the highest-quality comfort solutions possible to meet them! Contact BVS today to learn more about our humidifier installation in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas!

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