Do I Need to Replace My Furnace with AC at the Same Time?

do i need to replace furnace with ac

When you need reliable HVAC services, we’ve got you covered. Call BVS Home Experts at 281-391-1510 to schedule a service. You probably love having a reliable source of heating and cooling for your Katy, TX home. That’s why few HVAC emergencies are as frustrating as a bad furnace or air conditioner. You might be so […]

Hybrid HVAC System: How Does It Work?

hybrid hvac system

Are you considering a new HVAC installation? Reach out to BVS Home Experts today! Shopping for a new HVAC system can overwhelm homeowners with so many choices. Which model should you choose? Why not go with a hybrid HVAC system, an excellent option for anyone who prioritizes comfort? As Katy’s top-rated heating and air conditioning […]

How to Save Money on a New HVAC System: Seven Tips

how to save money on a new hvac system

Nothing lasts forever, and your home’s HVAC system is no different. Central air is a major investment, and without proper budgeting, you may have to wait to install a new system or get stuck with a financing contract that costs you more money in the long run. When the time comes to replace your heating […]

How Long Should My HVAC Fan Run Per Hour?

how long should my hvac fan run per hour

Many homeowners run their HVAC fans continuously, but some stop and wonder if it does more harm than good. This leads to many asking, “How long should my HVAC fan run per hour?” Typically, running your fan often is beneficial and recommended, but there are some cases where it isn’t. You can experience better circulation […]

HVAC Leak Sealer: Is It Effective?

hvac leak sealer

When you have an issue with your HVAC system, you need our knowledgeable technicians to find a solution. Call BVS Home Experts today at (281) 609-3650. When facing a simple air conditioning leak, a quick and easy fix from a hardware store seems tempting to most people. An HVAC leak sealer provides a simple solution. […]

How Long Should an HVAC System Last?

how long should an hvac system last

Are you taking steps to prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan? At BVS Home Experts, we can help! Call us at (281) 609-3650 for a routine maintenance checkup. When you invest in a heating and cooling system for your home, you expect it to provide comfort for many years. Therefore, prolonging your system’s life expectancy is […]

DIY Hvac Replacement: Why It Should Not Be Considered

AC Installation in Sugar Land, TX

Many homeowners pursue DIY projects to save money or test their skills. While DIY projects can cut down on bills tremendously while giving you something to do, it’s better to leave some tasks to the professionals.  Regarding DIY HVAC replacement, unless you’re a certified and licensed technician, it’s better to call a company. DIY HVAC […]

How To Size an HVAC System: What Do Pros Do?

how to size an hvac system

Do you know how to size an HVAC system? Is this an important skill for you to master before agreeing to install a specific-sized heating and cooling system on your property? Well, an improperly sized HVAC unit could cause numerous issues, including the following: Inefficiency A shorter useful life Poor energy consumption and more  Below, […]

Signs your Air Conditioner isn’t Working Properly

Signs your AC isn't Working Properly

As Texas homeowners, we rely on our cooling systems to help fight the summer heat and humidity. Unexpected breakdowns or issues are never fun, so it’s better to catch them early before the breakdown can occur and you are left to fight the heat on your own! Take some time to familiarize yourself with this […]

Spring Checklist for your HVAC system

Spring Checklist

As the temperatures rise here in Texas, you may be going through your spring-cleaning checklist to keep your home at its best and reduce unwanted pollens and dust. Although invisible, don’t forget to check in on the air you breathe by going through your spring HVAC checklist as well! Ensure that your home is getting […]