Why Changing your Air Filter is so Important

You have probably heard it a million times from HVAC companies, but it is recommended you change your air filter every 1-2 months. You may think, “my AC works fine, why would I need to do that?”. Below are some reasons why it is important…

5 Tips to Minimize Strain on your HVAC System During the Summer

It is a constant fight with the thermostat, figuring out how to keep your air at a comfortable yet affordable temperature.  Not only does summer bring a surge in energy cost, but it can also cause a higher risk of problems and even full breakdowns.…

Why your AC is not Blowing Cold Air : 6 Reasons this Might be Happening

It’s the middle of summer in Texas, and no one wants to be stuck in a hot musty house. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be a health risk for you, your family, and any pets you may have in the home. Here are some things you can check…

Should You Run Your Air Conditioner When It’s Blowing Warm Air? What Not To Do When Your AC Breaks

Imagine it’s summer here in Texas (which it almost is). You get home from work. You change your clothes. You head into the kitchen to get a big glass of iced tea and then you stop. You look up at your air vent. Is that warm air blowing on…

How to Cool Your House When Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

Oh no! You’re sitting in your living room watching a movie and you realize that it’s hot! Warm air is blowing out of the vents and you don’t know what to do. You call the air conditioner repair company right away, but what can you do to…