AC Install: The most important item of a new system

The hot, humid summer days are right around the corner. In our part of Texas, having a cool home is key to surviving the sweat-inducing days and nights. If you are looking for a new Air Conditioning System, you need to understand the installation…

The Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioner Replacement

Summer is creeping closer every day. Here in Katy, Texas, that means it’s time to check on your air conditioner to ensure it runs efficiently. Is your current AC unit failing or not providing you the comfort you need? Have a professional come…
Air Conditioner Maintenance Doesn't Have to Be Hard
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Air Conditioner Maintenance Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

The weather in Texas can be crazy –blistering hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. But it’s the long summer that gets to you, especially if your air conditioner isn’t working well. What if we told you that regular air conditioner…
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HVAC Tips To Help Homeowners Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Springtime around Houston, Texas is a blast! From outdoor BBQs to Baseball.  But with all the time spent outside, have you thought about your indoor air quality? After all, Summer is right around the corner along with those hot muggy days. …
5 Signs You Need To Replace Your HVAC

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your HVAC

Texas is a wonderful place to live. Unless it’s July and your HVAC system isn’t working properly to cool down your house. Or it’s a cold January morning and your house feels as cold as the freezing temperatures outside. It might be hard…