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When your air conditioning system in the Katy area stops providing the comfort you rely on, you need the services of certified professionals that provide superior, fast, and effective solutions. We’ve been bringing our customers fast, effective AC service for decades, and satisfaction and superior service are our number one goals.

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Signs you may need air conditioning repair

Warning signs that something has gone amiss with your Home Air Conditioner:

  • Weak or inefficient cooling. Just not getting the cooling you’re used to from your system? You might consider replacement, but professional AC repairs can often set the issue straight.
  • Poor air flow. Weak airflow can leave your rooms feeling uneven and hot. This often has to do with component failure and should be handled right away.
  • Strange sounds. Odd sounds can be particularly dangerous for your system. It’s almost always related to loose or damaged components, and, left alone, these components can further damage your system.
  • Musty or odd odors. It may be just that your filter needs to be replaced, but failing that, you’ll need to call in a professional. You could be dealing with wiring problems or clogged parts, and either way, you need a solution fast.
  • Leaking or excessive moisture. Your unit generates a nominal amount of moisture, but you should never see this pooling on the floor or collecting on your unit.
  • Inaccurate thermostat readings. Thermostat reads 68, but it feels more like 80? Call in a professional for air conditioner repair!

Beyond these issues, if you’re experiencing any problems with your air conditioner in the Katy area, call on the experts immediately for AC repair! Quick, efficient solutions are the best way to get the cooling you deserve, and the specialists at BVS can provide. Our 24-hour air conditioning repair services are unmatched, and we can deliver the quality, effective service you need, guaranteed!

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