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Being a southern city, Cypress, TX, feels the heat of low to mid-90-degree days from June to September. The spring and fall months surrounding the scorching summers provide little relief with 80-plus-degree highs, making ACs indispensable. Unfortunately, as your HVAC system ages, wear and tear terminate the lifespan of many individual parts.

The compressor is one of the few parts an AC refuses to function without. For an AC compressor replacement or repair, you need someone readily available to supply household comfort. Upon receiving five-star services from our qualified BVS experts in Cypress, TX, we guarantee a sigh of relief at the flip of your AC switch.

Signs Your AC Compressor Is on the Fritz

An AC compressor lasts about 12 years with proper maintenance, typically enduring your unit’s 10-to-15-year-lifespan. However, an AC compressor not turning on leads to warm or no air blowing from the vents, which makes your loved ones uncomfortable while increasing your utility bills. 

While the following signs of a bad AC compressor may be easier to ignore, they’ll eventually lead to the following without the appropriate care:


  • High or low refrigerant charge: Too much refrigerant places pressure on the AC compressor, while too little doesn’t provide enough charge. Either way, this also leads to warm or no air release.
  • Unusual noises: Since your compressor is only supposed to handle refrigerant, other contents like dirt and dust that travel into your unit clog the compressor, even in Cypress, TX, where its 25 US AQI is one of the lowest in the state. Some debris from uncleaned or absent filters will cause a grinding or rattling noise as the parts work harder.
  • Leaks: Moisture or small puddles around your system mean your compressor is leaking refrigerant, resulting in poor airflow. Contact a professional as this can be dangerous. 
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What Is Our Repair Process in Cypress, TX?

Upon noticing these compressor failure signs, don’t try fixing them on your own since refrigerant exposure is hazardous to your health. Instead, call a professional to examine and diagnose the problem. Your Cypress, TX, technician will fix the malfunctioning parts or recommend an AC compressor replacement, depending on your budget and manufacturer’s standards. 

Once your compressor is ready for installation, the specialist turns off the power and replaces the old compressor with a new one. While this may sound simple, connecting and disconnecting components is tricky, and inadequate replacements lead to frequent future AC compressor costs.

What Does an AC Compressor Cost To Repair?

If your compressor still has many years of quality use, you may not need an AC compressor replacement. Instead, a trusted technician will repair your compressor for between $125 and $1000, depending on the parts that need repair. For instance, replacing the capacitors costs up to $450, while detecting and repairing a refrigerant leak may cost up to $1000.

What Is the AC Compressor Replacement Cost?

If your compressor repairs are becoming more frequent and pricey, consider replacing your compressor. While the upfront AC compressor replacement cost of $90 to $1700 is higher, you’ll save money on repairs in the long run. The cost to replace your AC compressor in Cypress, TX, also varies depending on your unit type and BTU requirement.

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Whether cooling your residence or one of the many commercial buildings and museums that contribute to Cypress, TX’s, booming economy, count on us. Our 24-hour emergency repair and replacement team promises five-star services or your money back. Call BVS at (281) 391-1510 to take advantage of our 30 years of experience today!
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